Zayns only summer and true love

Year 2009 {before Zayn entered the X factor}
Place : Bradford
Diana { Samantha's sister}
Samantha's mom


5. the proposal

Zayns pov:

Liam said to get ready for the next up all night tour so I packed my stuff then I came back to kiss Samantha again. We kissed for about until Simon came and he looked at us and didn't say anything he asked Louis instead. Samantha talked to Simon for a bit then we went to the US to start the tour.

@ stadium

We finish rehearsing the concert and we have like 2 hours until the show begins.

Samantha's pov:

I was sitting in the front row watching the boys rehears the songs they are going to sing. I was looking at the playlist of the songs that they are going to sing and the order is:


2. Gotta be you

3. One thing

4. More than this

5. Up all night

6. I wish

7. Tell me a lie

8. Taken

9. I want

10. Everything about you

11. Same mistakes

12. Save you tonight

13. Stole my heart

14. Stand up

15. Moments

16. Irresistible

17. Magic

After they finish rehearsing the way they are going to do it Zayn came up to me and started kissing me. When I felt his lips leave mine I opened my eyes and ford Zayn on one knee holding a little open box with a ring inside.

"Samantha you will make me the happiest person in the world if you would do the honor of becoming Samantha Malik."

"Of course I'll marry you Zayn."

Zayns pov:

Samantha said yes! I've been waiting for a long time for this to happen. I slide the ring on her finger and we kissed for a long time and the boys didn't even noticed.

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