Zayns only summer and true love

Year 2009 {before Zayn entered the X factor}
Place : Bradford
Diana { Samantha's sister}
Samantha's mom


11. Sapphire and Luna

{on the tour bus}

Samantha's pov:

"Zayn I think they won't be crying during the night."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because they weren't crying during delivery."

The rest of the boys walk in.

"Hey can I hold Sapphire now?"

"Sure Harry."

I gave Harry Sapphire and then Liam wanted to hold Luna.

"Zayn I think Sapphire and Luna will grow up faster than other childern."

"Why do you say that?"

"Your human and I'm a hybrid." {hybrid is a mixture of mystical creatures}

"Ok. So how long do they have until they are grown up?"

"About 19 months then they will be 19 and they will stop growing."


"Um………Samantha is it ok if I date Sapphire in 19 months then"


Liam asked the same thing too. Everyone was so happy and supportive for keeping my secret.

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