Zayns only summer and true love

Year 2009 {before Zayn entered the X factor}
Place : Bradford
Diana { Samantha's sister}
Samantha's mom


16. Luna's virginity

Samantha's pov:

"Ok. You two are acting way far from normal. What happened."

"Liam proposed to me."

I am happy for them.

Luna's pov:

We went to the boys hotel and the others are still rehearsing. Liam and I made out and I felt his tongue on my bottom lip asking for entrance and I granted it.

"Liam please take my virginity."

"Are you sure?"


I took off Liam's pants and boxers and I took him in my mouth.

"Luna you don't have to do this part ."

I didn't listen to him and I kept going. He came in my mouth and I swallowed. Liam then took his shirt off and my clothes. Liam them slowly puts two fingers into me and I start to moan his name. He starts to pump slow then he went fast which felt very good. In about 5 mins I came on his fingers. Liam took his fingers out of me and wiped them clean.

"This might hurt the first few times babe."

Liam then enters me and I shed a few tears but Liam wipes them away and kisses me. He starts out slow until I nod. Then he picks up the pace. It feels so good. In about 5 mins we both come.

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