Zayns only summer and true love

Year 2009 {before Zayn entered the X factor}
Place : Bradford
Diana { Samantha's sister}
Samantha's mom


15. Luna's engagement

Liam's pov:

I posted a picture of Luna's cuts on twitter to show what the fans are doing to her and I said:

See what happens to Luna's arm from the hate. Every time I see cuts on her I shed a tear. I love @Luna_Payne so much. Please stop the hate.

After I posted it everyone was saying sorry and the stopped.

Luna's pov

The boys were rehearsing for a concert in Peru for the TMH tour. When they were in a break Liam said through the mic to me:

"Will you marry me Luna?"

"Yes Liam!"

I started for the stage and kissed him. Liam slid the ring on my finger and we got off the stage and went to the changing room. The boys and mum were in the changing room already. We came in and act normal.

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