Zayns only summer and true love

Year 2009 {before Zayn entered the X factor}
Place : Bradford
Diana { Samantha's sister}
Samantha's mom


1. love at first sight.

Samantha pov:

I was heading home from shopping and this man came up to me. I saw his face it looked like he wanted to rap me so I started running. I turned into an alley and I was caught. He almost rapped me until this other guy came into the alley and made the guy leave. By the time he came I got cut a lot.

Zayn pov:

I was heading home from the coffee shop when I heard screams for help. I followed the screams and found a girl that was cut a lot and was about to get rapped so I fought him then he left. When I saw her see looked cute and I fell madly in love with her. When we got to my place we talked for a long time and I found out her name was Samantha.

Samantha pov:

We got to his house and we talked for a long time and I learned his name was Zayn Malik. I told him ever thing about me except the fact I'm a vampire, witch, and a mermaid. I always keep this a secret.

Zayn pov:

Samantha stayed at my house while her cuts were healing.

Samantha's pov:

I know Zayn fell in love with me because he looked into my eyes. When ever some guy looks straight into my eyes they fall in love with me. Of course I loved Zayn too. One night while my cuts were still healing and Zayn was talking to me I went in for a kiss and he kissed me back.

Zayns pov:

Samantha kissed me and I kissed her back

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