Patient Zero

Devyne has been locked away never to be set free for 18 years. She was trapped behind what was thought to be the best security. Although what happens when a boy known as Lyndon somehow manages to discover her? A million dollar experiment is ruined and lives are put on the line. Now they must stick together in a quest to end what is thought to create the perfect future and stay alive.


1. The Meeting

Danielle's POV

My heels clicked hard on the ground as I rushed through the hallways of the giant top secret building. I worked at Area 302. It was crucial that I kept my occupation a secret so if anyone ever asked I said I was lawyer. Although if I didn't hurry that might just be the truth. 

My breath hitched in my throat as I swung open the heavy metal door and descended down the stairs to get to the under ground section of the building. I slowed my paced as my ankle nearly twisted from missing a step or two. I had never been in such a rush before.

When I finally reached the room in which the meeting was being held a guard opened the door for me and I couldn't even thank him due to the lack of air tiny lungs.

"Well it sure is nice for you to finally join us Mrs. Porter." Said my boss Donovan Peterson. His tone may have not seemed to cut like a knife but his stare did. I didn't dare look him back in the eyes knowing I just might faint. Instead I inspected who was all called down to participate in the meeting. 

As I looked over the long rectangular table I saw it was nothing but the younger married couples who worked in the experimental department just as I did. I then noticed my own husband sitting down waiting for me to join him. My stomach clenched as I tried to decipher what this meeting could possibly be about.

"Now that Mrs. Porter has graced us with her presence let's get down to business. We are conducting a new experiment to better the future." Mr. Peterson gave us all a sinister smile but no one smiled back. Instead they all reflected a slight look of fear, because like I they knew what the people in charge thought to be a better future was really a way to earn more control. "It's refreshing to see you're all excited."

"Now if you'll all look at the holographic images projected in the center of the table."

I faced the muddled of the table and saw images of people running frantically and others of people committing crimes, and killing people. What was this?

"As you know crime rates aren't as bad as they were back in 2020 and below but let's face the music. It's 2038. We have expected there to be no crime ever to occur by this time but that appears to not be possible...yet. The grand officials and leaders of the divisions have concocted an experiment that if carried out correctly can change the lives of future generations forever."

He paused for a minute taking in all our expressions. It was evident everyone had something to say about this plan but we never dared question the grand leaders decisions. So we all just stared and watched the images Chang to a bunch of people living in peace and harmony.

"Now as you see in front of you these people are living in complete peace . And with all of your help this will be the near future. Now I'm quite sure you noticed the only people here are those ranging from twenty-one to twenty-five and married. This is because we need you all to have children. We also would prefer you'd be under forty-five when the children turn eighteen."

"When you have these children they will be locked away immediately for the first eighteen years of its life. Once it reaches adulthood at eighteen they will be set free with a complete violent free mindset..."

Mr. Peterson was about to continue but he stoped to talk into his ear piece. Then after a few seconds of listening to someone speak he faced us. "I must go but Eslyn will pass out the description of the experiment and the contract. I'd like you to take this and look it over with your spouse then as soon as possible have the papers signed and returned. Take your time."

Even though he said take your time it was evident we wouldn't have much time to think it over.


All the couples were sent straight home after the meeting. My ride home with my husband Eric couldn't have been anything but awkward and tense. We had always takes about starting a family and now I was being told the first kid I had wouldn't even be mine but some slave to an experiment I had no choice but to partake in.


The second he pulled into the drive way I didn't even wait for the car to completely stop. I just stepped out and sped into the house. It was dark and I didn't plan on stopping to turn on lights. Instead I ran into the bathroom and sank down to the floor against the closed door. My eyes stung like tears wanted to flood from them and fill the entire room but nothing happened. I realized it wasn't sadness I was feeling but anger and confusion. 

Feeling exhausted I turned onthe water to the shower, stripped, and got in. This was the most calming thing that's happened to me all day. I was always flooded with paperwork and now I was going through this. Maybe I could just not sign the papers? Although just the thought of that brought fear to me.

There stories and rumors about people who didn't comply with the decision of the grand leaders and their division leader. No one knew how true they were but when you hear that they disappeared or were tortured how much reassurance did you really need?

My train of thought was ruined by the water going cold and shocking my body for a minute. I skipped out and turned it off. Had I really been in there that long? Shaking my head I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. When I stepped out into my bedroom I saw Eric looking over the papers.

"Are you actually considering this l?" I asked him with more attitude then intended.

"Well what choice do we have?"

I sat down beside him on the bed defeated.

"It's not as bad as you think Danieller. I mean they only ask for the first born. Plus they take it away immediately so you won't even have time to get attached. Also we will be compensated."

I scoffed at what Eric was saying."This sounds like some Rumplestiltskin fairy tale. We give them our first born in exchange for a magnificent future and riches." I said waving my hands around mockingly. "Well I don't care. Okay the first born if anything is the most special. It's your first try at parenthood, the one that helps you decide if you want more, the first one you get to watch grow up. I don't want to miss that."

"But sweatheart.."

I put my hand in Eric's face to stop him. " No Eric and that's final and that's the end of it."

Little did I know it was far from the end.



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