Not again

Kylie Anderson didn't know think that she would ever have see those green eyes again, but when he takes a break off tour to come back to school she is crushed. Will he remember her? Will the past repet itself?


1. chapter 1

Kylie's POV

"Hahaha" I uncontrollably laughed when my bestfriend Sarah trips and falls face first into the snow while we were walking to school. I immediately stopped after I realized her eyes were closed and she was laying there still on the ground. "Sarah, are you alright." I say inching closer to her nervously. She shoots her arm up and pulls me down into the snow with her. "Omg Sarah, I thought you passed out or something!" She jumped to her feet laughing.

"Sorry Kylie." She reaches her hand out to mine I took it and she pulled me up.

"It's fine." I say giggling as a nudge her to with my shoulder.

"We better get going if we don't want to be late on our first day back." She says in almost a to excited voice.

"Ughhhh." I groan. "I wish vacation would last longer."

"C'mon." She said practically dragging me the rest of the way.

As soon as we entered the school all you could see was girls freaking out everywhere. I was so confused so finally I walked up to I girl named Emily, she was pretty tall with long blonde hair. "Hey what's going on." I say raising more voice so I can be heard over the crowd." She looked at me weirdly then confused.

"You didn't here?" She asks. I didn't have to answer, by the look on my face she knew I didn't. "Harry Styles is taking a break and coming back to school."

My heart stops. She turns away to start talking with another friend while I hurt stood there frozen like an idiot.

"What's the matter Kylie?" Sarah looks at me in a worried way. The sound of the bell ringing snapped me out of the trance.

"Nothing." I shook my head. "Let's go we have to get to class."

The rest of the day my mind was blank except for one name. Harry Styles. I was sitting in class staring into space when I hear.


"Yes Mr. Jones." I say and I here some muffled giggles from a few students.

"The answer please." He says in a annoyed voice."

"I um I" I stuttered a bit before mumbling. "I don't know."

We'll is like to teach you in detention since your mind seems to be somewhere else in class. I moan and just look down. Harry hasn't even arrived yet and already he is ruining my day.

Authors Note- sorry this is a really short intro and it kinda sucked but it will get better I promise.

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