Stolen (16+)

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, RING! school's out, summer's just beginning, and so is the biggest adventure of these ten kid's lives!

(We warn you that there are some inappropriate contents in some parts of the book ex: sex, swearing etc.)


10. Lizzy's P.O.V

Lizzy's P.O.V


I take a few seconds to think, "Fine." I finally say

Just as he is about to speak someone knocks on the door.

"Guys hurry up everyone's already getting off." Tyler says through the door

Eli's eyes widen "Oh shit! Babe get your clothes on." He gets off the bed and gets his pants on "Get dressed!" He half yells at me

"I'm sorry!" I say sort of mad that he would yell at me. I get up and put my bra on.

"Babe, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell its just they are gonna know what we were doing if we took to long, and I don't want them to know." He says while he holds my shoulders.

"That would be kind of awkward." I admitted.

We grabbed our stuff and went up deck, Tyler was giving us weird looks so I started walking.

Fifteen minutes later Emma and I had finally convinced Tyler to stop and set up camp, cause we didn't want to be to far from the water.

Eli and I started to set up out tent, he had brought a 4 person tent and an air, mattress for us to share... more like "share" he is a huge bed hog!

Cody was already done setting up his one man tent and was helping Lucy set up our three man tent.

"They're right beside each other, do you think they planed that." I said nodding towards them.

We have a bet on if they would get together or not.

Emma and Tyler's tent was right beside ours and they where already setting up there sleeping bags and stuff in side it.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*TWO HOURS LATER


We were all sitting around the fire toasting our marshmallows when Ben... or was it Eddie?  I don't know, anyways, suggested Truth or Dare.

Ben: Bella, Truth or Dare?

Bella: Truth

Ben: Who's the cutest guy here?

Bella: Umm Eli?

Eli: Of course, I mean, just look at me!

Eddie: OUCH!  Never tell me to look at you again, dude, that hurt.

Bella: Ok, Lizzy. Truth or Dare?

Lizzy: Dare, Cause I'm brave!

Bella: Go skinny dipping with.... Tyler!

Emma: Hell to the NO!

*Everyone bursts out laughing except for Tyler who had an offended look on his face*

Bella: Ok fine, with Eli.

Lizzy: That I can do

*Everyone runs to the beach and turns around as Lizzy and Eli strip naked and run into the water*

Eli: Fuck this is cold!

Lizzy: Aw muffin, want me to heat it up

Everyone else: NO!

Bella: Ok, get out now

*They all run back to the camp fire after Lizzy and Eli get dressed*

Lizzy: Eli Truth or Dare?

Eli: Truth

Lizzy: How many girls have you dated before me?

Eli: How many chickens do we get?

Bella: None.

Eli: Ok, this may take awhile. -He started to check them off on his fingers-

~~~~~~~~FIVE MINUTES LATER~~~~~~~

Eli: Eighteen....  I think no nineteen.. yep that's it.

Lizzy: Should I be worried you're going to use me then dump me?

Eli: No, probably not... you see you have this one quality they didn't... you're pretty.

Lucy: Hey lets go for a walk

Cody: But someone should stay and watch the tents, Duhhh

Lizzy: True, I'll stay, I'm tired anyway.

Eli: I'll stay with her, just incase if she falls asleep.

*The others grab there flashlights and head out, with the dogs.*

Soooooo is your offer to heat up the water still on? Eli asked Lizzy.

Depends, can you see well enough? Lizzy asked Eli jokingly as she grabbed there towels and headed towards the water.

Eli followed behind, Smirking

When they got to the beach, Lizzy laid down the towels, stripped naked and ran into the water.

Lizzy: Aren't you coming?

Eli did the same and ran in after her.


Emma: Tyler, I'm tired. I think im gonna head back.

Tyler: Ok, I'll go with you just to be safe. Guys im going back with Emma, she's tired.

Everyone else: K, Good night!

Back at the beach...


Eli picks up Lizzy and she wraps her legs around his waist

Eli: Wow, have I ever told you how beautiful you are

Lizzy: Your just saying that

Eli: Shut up, your more than beautiful

Eli walks out of the water and lays Lizzy down on the towel and climbs on top of her, kissing her passionately while reaching for his pants

Lizzy: What are you doing?

Eli: Well we need protection, I'm not ready to be a Father

Lizzy: Yeah, I guess

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Back at the camp* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tyler: Goodnight babe

Emma: Where are you going?

Tyler: To see where Lizzy and Eli are.

Emma: Oh ok, Love you, goodnight.

Tyler: Love you too

Tyler walks around looking for Lizzy and Eli and finally he spots them on the beach.

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