Stolen (16+)

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, RING! school's out, summer's just beginning, and so is the biggest adventure of these ten kid's lives!

(We warn you that there are some inappropriate contents in some parts of the book ex: sex, swearing etc.)


4. Lizzy's P.O.V

"Earth, Earth to Liz," Tyler says, clapping in front of my face.  "Huh? Oh, yeah I'm here," I say. 


"Lucy wants you," he says slowly as though he is making sure i understand.


"Yes i understand English thank you,"  i say sarcastically


"OK, just making sure." He rolls his eyes.


I turn to Lucy who is now giggling at Tyler and I's conversation.


"What vet did you take Padfoot to?" lucy asks (padfoot: tamed black wolf he was tamed as a cub the name padfoot is from Harry Potter that was Sirius' nick name)


"The one down on Queen ST." I reply


"Oh, ok."


We are now at Emma's house. After Emma, Tyler, and Eli are done talking, they all climb in, and Emma scootches over to us.


'Hey, wheres padfoot?" She asks while looking around.


"Oh, he's at the vet."


"Oh lucky and Padfoot are great friends, lucky's really excited to see him."


"Yeah, we are getting him after we pick up Makaylah, Cody, Bella, Ben, and Eddie." I reply


Meanwhile, we have drinks (non alcoholic drinks) tell jokes, and just chat. In about 10 minutes, we get to Makaylah's house.  She gets in and every one wishes her a happy birthday. She comes over and starts talking to Emma and i go over to Eli to cuddle.



"Hey cutie why didn't you come over sooner," he says.


"I was talking to the girls," I reply.


"I should really talk to them about holding you up I haven't seen you in, like, half an hour." he says.


"But i cant kiss you in school now, can I."


Right as he kisses me we pull up to the tanners house, Bella and the twins (Ben and Eddie) get  in.


"Get a room," the twins yell.


We give them dirty looks and continue to kiss.


"Liz!" Emma calls.


I break the kiss and look over to Emma, who is motioning for me to go sit next to her.


"Your not gonna leave me, are you?" Eli says with a pouty face


"She's mine!" Eli yells as he tackle/cuddles me.


I giggle "Eli, it'll only be for a minute."


"Fine, but i'm timing you," He says as he pulls out his phone.


I giggle again "Ok, Ok," i peck his lips and then scootch over to Emma and the girls.


"Hey." I say to Emma and the girls.


"Hey, we where arguing over which combination of hair and lip stick goes together better, your bright red lipstick and long jet black hair, or my awesome long wavy blond hair with pink dip die at the bottom with my bright pink lip stick." she says as she flips her hair


"Well um mm, there's no competition there," i joke.


"Ya your right i look way better," Emma jokes back!


"Babe! your time is up!" Eli yells to me.

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