Stolen (16+)

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, RING! school's out, summer's just beginning, and so is the biggest adventure of these ten kid's lives!

(We warn you that there are some inappropriate contents in some parts of the book ex: sex, swearing etc.)


2. Lizzy's P.O.V

Lucy and I ran home as fast as we could to get our camping stuff. We live 4 blocks from the school. We had planned a camping trip on the island for the end of school and our friend Makaylah's  17th birthday party. We have to be ready by 4 o'clock and it is already 3:30. Tyler is going to pick us up in his limo. We plan to get to the island by 5:30 so we will have lots of time to set up our tents and cook supper before it gets dark.


"Hurry up, Lucy, they'll be here any second," I yelled . 'Okay, I'm coming!  I'm just trying to find the birthday present we got Makaylah. Oh, here it is, I'm coming," Lucy shouted back. We ran outside, Lucy ran to the limo while I locked the door.  I ran down the steps to the limo, "here you go," I said, giving my bags to Tyler's butler.


When we got inside the limo it was HUGE and I mean HUGE!  I would describe it but I would take way too long.  Well.... it wouldn't take that long.  The seats were real leather all around the limo and there was a table in the middle with a built-in cooler full of drinks!  The roof even had disco lights!  "Earth, Earth to Liz," Tyler said, clapping in front of my face.  "Huh? Oh, yeah I'm here," I said.  

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