Stolen (16+)

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, RING! school's out, summer's just beginning, and so is the biggest adventure of these ten kid's lives!

(We warn you that there are some inappropriate contents in some parts of the book ex: sex, swearing etc.)


7. Emma's P.O.V

Tyler’s P.O.V

“So we are sharing the master bed room, you know there is an awesome big bathtub in there, You know if you want… I could make this trip memorable?”  I said.

“Emma turned to me and said “yeah like eighteen years of memories no thanks I’m sixteen.”    And she walked away.

“Hey baby, don’t be stupid……. we would use protection!” I said while running after her.

Emma’s P.O.V

“Errrrrr I can’t believe he brought it up again.”  I thought as I walked away from him.

“Like really I already said I didn’t want to.  Even if I did I wouldn’t do it while I’m on the same boat as Eli. I can just imagine him walking in on us! He would be so mad, his best friend and his sister having sex. 

I don’t even want to think about what he would do to Tyler.”

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 10 minutes later

“Hey, Makaylah, Bella can I bunk with you girls?” I said as I stood in the doorway with my sleeping bag under my arm.

“Why, aren’t you sleeping with Tyler?”

“Well he brought up sex again.”

“oh, well of course you can.”

“Thanks, I’ll sleep on the floor,”

“No, sleep up here, I’ll sleep there.” Bella suggested

“No, really, I’m fine”


I nodded and we went to bed, well they went to bed i couldn't so i got up and went to the kitchen, i made some coffee and just sat down at the kitchen island and thought about what Tyler keeps asking. Its not that i don't wanna do it but, i'm just not ready, i'm still a virgin so i haven't done it yet, and honestly i don't know how.

I kept thinking until i felt two hands wrap around my waist.

"Hey," Tyler said softly


"You okay?" he asked

i sighed "yeah, i guess"

"Babe i'm sorry, its just i want you so bad, we haven't done it yet and i really want to. Its not fair, u turn me on but i cant have you."

I smiled " we'll do it eventually, but i'm just not ready now."

"Ok, now come on lets cuddle."

I put my mug in the sink and followed him to our room, we laid on the bed cuddling until we fell asleep.



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