Stolen (16+)

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, RING! school's out, summer's just beginning, and so is the biggest adventure of these ten kid's lives!

(We warn you that there are some inappropriate contents in some parts of the book ex: sex, swearing etc.)


3. Emma's P.O.V

Eli and i were running home as fast as we could to get ready for the trip. Of course Eli has to make it a race, and he wins. When we get home, i'm running for the stairs when Eli pushes me down and runs up to his room. As i'm getting up, my dog, lucky (German Shepherd) runs up to me and knocks me over. I laugh, then pet him, then head up to my room. I grab my bags and take them downstairs and place them by the door. I head back up to check on Eli, who is of course staring at himself in the mirror saying


"left or right, left or right?" He says as he flips his hair.


"You should really stop talking to your self." I tease him.


"Shut up!" He retorts


I giggle and walk downstairs to the living room to get lucky's things. (leash, toys, food, etc.)


*Beep, Beep!*


"ELI!" I call


"What!" He yells back


"Lets go, the limo's here!'




I put lucky's leash on, and head for the limo. I give my bags to Tyler's butler, and put lucky in the limo.


"Hey babe." Tyler says as he walks up to me


"Hi," I say as i walk closer to him and give him a kiss


"Ty Ty Buddy its been soooo long, how you been!" Eli interrupts as he gives Tyler a man hug.


"Really Eli its been what 20 no 30 minutes." i joke


"Hey at least he missed me, unlike some little puppy" Tyler says as he looks at lucky who's growling at him.


"Good boy," I laugh "Now can we please get into the car before your butler leaves us?"




We finally get into the limo and its HUGE! I see Lizzy and Lucy sitting down chatting, so i scootch over to them.

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