Lucky I'm inlove with my Bestfriend

Ashley Camp and Michael Chadd had been bestfriends since their childhood. They almost hang-out and bond with each other everyday. Whenever Ashley had a problem or needs someone, Michael never fails to surprise her and help her with everything. As time goes by, Ashley slowly realized that every second, every minute, every hour and every day she's spending her time with Michael, she suddenly fell inlove with him. Does Michael feel the same way too? It's for you to find out ;)


2. Chapter Two

Sitting by the window I look up the blue sky. And suddenly I remembered random things that happened during summer. How many days I've been having fun time with my friends and how many sleepless nights I've experienced. Last summer was the best summer I've ever had. I just wanted it to happen again. I remembered all the things I did with Michael. Oh how I miss him so much. Phew! Memories. I love those memories.


Looking at the window the bus suddenly stopped. I saw it was the red light. Then I looked outside and saw many students walking to school. Then I saw the football players in our school. They we're walking too. And I spotted someone I know. 


MICHAEL? Is that Michael? I stood up shocked and looked again but they already turned the other way. I sit back and just thought that it wasn't him. I'm just seeing things. Maybe it's just I missed him alot. 


Finally, we reached our destination. Students got out from the bus and I'm the only one left. I got out too and started walking in a short distance until I reached the school gate. I remembered the text message. 


"Wait for me at the school gate..." Hmmmm. Well, I probably wait for that person.


I waited for for a few minutes then suddenly someone called my name. 


"ASHLEY ASHLEY!" someone shouted from behind.


What the? It's so familiar. The voice is so familiar. 


I turned around and I saw Britney coming towards me. She's running very fast like some zombie is after her. Then when she reached at my spot, no hesitation, she hugged me very tightly and I hugged her back.


"Ashley! Oh how I missed you so much. How are you? Sorry I haven't contacting you since I went to Paris with my mom. How are you? I missed you so much." Britney spoke non-stop.


Unexpected. I thought it was Michael who texted me to wait for him at the gate. But it's not. It's Britney. Well, Britney is my friend too. And I missed her too so much. 


"Hey Britney! Oh Gosh! I really missed you too. I've been waiting for your texts so that you can hang out with us but you didn't. So that was you who texted me this morning?" I asked. 


"Yep. Save my new number. So shall we go inside?" she asked.


"Sure. And let's go look together for our classrooms in the hallway." I replied


"Okay!" she replied excitedly.


The bell ring and students went inside. Before entering, I looked back again for a second to check for Michael. Still no sign of him.


Where was he? Is he at school now? Hmmm. I wondered.



*End of Chaper Two*




Whoa! That was unexpected ;)

So what do you think guys? Short chappy. Just bare with me because this is my first time to write a story on movellas. But I have many more stories to publish. I really love writing, you know =3 I hope you like it. 

Also, please like/share/comment on my story. Thank you :)




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