Lucky I'm inlove with my Bestfriend

Ashley Camp and Michael Chadd had been bestfriends since their childhood. They almost hang-out and bond with each other everyday. Whenever Ashley had a problem or needs someone, Michael never fails to surprise her and help her with everything. As time goes by, Ashley slowly realized that every second, every minute, every hour and every day she's spending her time with Michael, she suddenly fell inlove with him. Does Michael feel the same way too? It's for you to find out ;)


3. Chapter Three

Where could he be right now? I looked at the crowded students entering the hallway of our school, looking for Michael but still no sign of him. 


We're on our way to the hallway where the student's class was posted. Britney ran towards the bulletin board and was looking for her name. 


"Aha! Found my name. Heyyy Ashley! I found yours. We're in the same class!" she shouted. 


I wasn't looking at her. I was looking everywhere to find Michael.

Britney was confused of what am I doing because I'm not paying any attention at her so she went towards me.


"Ashley? Are you okay? You don't seem so good today? Is something bothering you?" Britney asked me worriedly.


"It's just .... Michael's still not here. Well, you know I missed him so much and how many days after summer he wasn't able to visit me. Kindda used to it. He's still not here. Does he have plans to show himself up?" I replied 


"Oh come one Ash! Don't be sad. You always know that Michael never fails to surprise you, right? I'm sure, he's coming today. He won't miss the first day of school." Britney cheered up.


"Guess so. Thanks Britney." I replied.


"No probs babe." she answered.


We are heading to the bulletin board to find my room. I saw mine. Britney and I were in the same class and I was still looking up for Michael. 


Surprisingly, I saw his name on the same class I'm in. I'm really glad he was in the same class as mine. We're going to be together again. Three of us.


"Britney, we're in the same class. Also Michael. We can be together again in one class. This is gonna be fun." I told her.


"Wow! That's exciting... Well for now, we better get going Ash. Class starts in any minute or two." she replied.


Many students are walking away and beginning to go to their respective classrooms. Britney and I and some other students are the only ones left at the hallway. I don't feel to go right now. I wanted to go to our classroom together. With Michael. He always waits for me in everything. But he's still not here. Or maybe he's here.


But where is now? I'm getting a little bit impatient.




*End of Chapter Three*



Hey! Another chapter is up! So what do you think? Michael's still not showing up. 

Well, hope you liked it  =3

Next chapter will be up tomorrow! You can finally meet someone! ;) 

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