Lucky I'm inlove with my Bestfriend

Ashley Camp and Michael Chadd had been bestfriends since their childhood. They almost hang-out and bond with each other everyday. Whenever Ashley had a problem or needs someone, Michael never fails to surprise her and help her with everything. As time goes by, Ashley slowly realized that every second, every minute, every hour and every day she's spending her time with Michael, she suddenly fell inlove with him. Does Michael feel the same way too? It's for you to find out ;)


1. Chapter One

Summer's out and school is back. 


"Ashley, time to wake up! It's first day of school! You don't wanna be late right?" my mom yelled from downstairs while preparing my breakfast. 


"Yes mom! Coming right up." I replied. 


I'm living together with my single mom who's a housewife. My mom told me that my dad was the president of the military association but he passed away because of the car accident happened when I was a child because he saved me. My dad was truly a hero. I'm the only child and dad left all his riches to me and my mom.


I hurriedly jumped out of my bed and took a refreshing a shower. I'm very excited for this day. First day of school. I'm going to meet new friends. I'm going to have a new teacher and I'm going to be in a new class. And especially, I'm very excited to see Michael. After spending summer with him, he wasn't able to visit me. No wonder why.


I hurriedly change my clothes. I wear my new sleeveless top with floral design and I put on it's matching black blazer and I wear my new black skinny jeans and doll shoes. I feel comfortable wearing these clothes and it's all new. My mom bought this just before the first day of school. 


I packed all my stuffs I need and I went downstairs.


"Here's your breakfast. Eat it all so you'll have energy for the day." 


"Okay mom. I will." 


I ate my breakfast, brushed my teeth and said goodbye to my mom. 


I was on the gate and my phone suddenly ring. A text message from an unknown number.


"Hey Ashley! It's first day of school. Can't wait to see you. I missed you so much. Wait for me at the gate. Bye. Love lots." the text said. I wonder who's this. 


"Okay :)" I just replied like that. 


Maybe this is Michael? Oh my gosh! Can't wait to see that guy. I missed him so damn much. I continued walking until I reach the bus stop and I got on in my school bus and I was heading to school. 


I can't wait to see him... 


*End of chapter one*




Hey guys! So this is my new story. Well, I'm going to write this story last year but I'm a little busy. But now, I'm bored and I have so much time so I did this. What do you think? Hope you'll read my story and enjoy! :)

Also, please like/comment/fan on my story :) Thank you. 








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