Lucky I'm inlove with my Bestfriend

Ashley Camp and Michael Chadd had been bestfriends since their childhood. They almost hang-out and bond with each other everyday. Whenever Ashley had a problem or needs someone, Michael never fails to surprise her and help her with everything. As time goes by, Ashley slowly realized that every second, every minute, every hour and every day she's spending her time with Michael, she suddenly fell inlove with him. Does Michael feel the same way too? It's for you to find out ;)


4. Chapter Four

Still no sign of him. Maybe he's just here around the campus. Or maybe he went first on the classroom. Whatever! 


"Britney, we should better go. Maybe he was already there at the classroom." I told Britney.


"You sure? Okay then. Let's go." Britney replied. 


While walking along, Britney was telling me some stories about her most unforgettable experiences while she was in Paris with her mother. 


While we we're still talking to each other, I wasn't looking at my steps. Then suddenly some guy just bumped on me.


"Owwwww!" I shouted.


He bumped at my shoulders. Boy that hurts a bit.


I heard him laughing. I got irritated then, I looked up to the boy and my eyes widened when I saw his face. 


"Hey Shortcake!!! SURPRISE!!!" Michael said. 


"Oh My Gosh! It's Michael! " my mind says.


Shortcake! Hahaha. I remembered this codename. He called me shortcake because I'm shorter than him. Oh how cute.


I wasn't still talking to him. I suddenly looked at him with great shock. Damn! He looks really handsome!


"Michael! What the? After my long wait for you, then just this bumping-on-my-shoulder you just did?" I dramatically said.


"Ooooops! Sorry shortcake! Hahaha. You know, ... I really missed you very very very much!" he suddenly hugges me very tight as if he would never let go. 


"Just kiddin! I really missed you too! Welcome back, Michael. I'm really really really happy to see you again." I hugged him back.


We hugged each other. I know he never fails to surprise me everytime. I really missed him so much. And I'm really happy he's here.


"Aheeeem! You didn't forget me, do you? My my, how sweet. So atlast! You've seen him."


"Oh. Sorry Britney. Haha. I'm just really happy to see him. And you of course. Both of you. I really missed you alot." I said.


"Hi Britney. Myyy! You're still short too. Haha! Nice to see you again." Michael joked.


"Excuse me? Hahahahaha. Well, nice to see you again Michael." Britney said happily. 


We have a little moment of small group hug. Oh how I really missed this two. Especially Michael. Atlast, he's here. We're complete once again. 


"Girls, shall we go now?" Michael asked.


"Yea sure. Ashley, you ready?" Britney asked.


"Sure. Let's go. We might get late for class especially it's first day today. Let's go!" I replied.



*End of Chapter Four*




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