"dont break my heart" thats all she says, as they lay in each others arm
"i wont" he says and kisses her temple.
but what happens when he finds some other girl and break her heart will she forgive him or will she close her heart and move on


2. no party!!

izzah's pov

it was raining outside i was in my room bored as hell when my phone buzzed i looked at it and the caller id said zayn, so if u dont know him he is my boyfriend i picked it up 

z: hey babe!

i: hi babe

z: what are u doing?

i: ohh let me think what could i be doing other than sitting in my room bored as fuck (sarcasm)

i heard him chuckle 

z:  get ready we are going to a party i will pick u up at 10:00pm

i was not in a mood of a party so i simply said no

i: no zayn i am not in a mood of a party why dont u come  over

 ok was all he said and he ended  the call maybe he was upset that i said no but who cares i am not in the mood of a party sure i am bored as hell but  i dont like party's that muchh

Zayn's pov

i asked izzah to go to a party with me but she said no so i'll just go over to her house maybe she is not feeling good

i drove to her house it took me like 15min  she doesnt live far away

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