"dont break my heart" thats all she says, as they lay in each others arm
"i wont" he says and kisses her temple.
but what happens when he finds some other girl and break her heart will she forgive him or will she close her heart and move on


1. introduction


   hey guys ;) thanks for checking my movella i love u all ;*

  i will try to update twice a week but i cant promise because i also have school but for sure i will update once in a week

  so i was thinking maybe i should introduce you to the characters


   dark brown hair (not to long not to short normal lenght)


   light brown eyes almost hazel

   lives in London

  her dream is to be a model 

 yeah i think thats all but i will promise i will give yall details when they are needed

and yeah one more thing you guys can ask me question about the story like write the character's name and ask what's the question e.g.

 for izzah : where do u live

and stuff like that and once again THANK U this is my first so plxx dont be mean :p

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