All because of you

A Justin bieber fan fiction about justin and ex-bestfriend Chelsea brooks. He's hoping they could pick up where they left off as they join each other in their senior year but she hopes different and Chelsea always wins.


6. chapter 6

After crying for about an hour I decided that I should get ready for the party. Rue told me that if I didn't want to go she would stay with me but I couldn't do that to her and I also really wanted to go.

I stripped and took a shower trying to wash away all the pain and hurt. I feel like hot water does that I mean it just cleanses and refreshes you giving you a new start.

As soon as I was done in the shower I put a towel around me and picked up all my clothes off the floor and left the bathroom so rue could take one.

I dried of and put on black lace underwear and a bra. I dried my hair and started to straighten it as rue came out also wear lace underwear but hers was red.

I laughed and handed her the hair dryer and continued to straighten my hair. Once she was finished drying her hair and just froze.

"I know what we're missing" she exclaimed running over to the speaker and plugging her phone in and on came Austin mahone mmm yeah

"Omg I love this song" I squealed as she went to plug in the curling iron. I continued to straighten my hair while singing along to all of the songs that came on.

Once I was done my hair I put on my dress which was a plain black body con dress that hugged my curves perfectly.

I loved it I went to do my make up and I was going all out. I did a black smokey eyeshadow, black eye liner and red lipstick to finish my look.

I came out of the bathroom to see rue wearing a red long sleeved skater dress and nude heels. She looked gorgeous no denying it.

"You look hot" I grinned and she replied by saying we both did. I slipped on my black heels and we made our way down to the cafeteria which my I add is the biggest and nicest one I've ever scene.

The cafeteria wasn't far from the girls rooms. As we got closer you could hear music booming out of it.

There was plenty of people still arriving but most people had already arrived. As we walked in through the enterance rue grabbed my hand and shouted in my ear "omg our first party of the year"

I grinned as we walked straight inside all eyes were on us. The boys were practically drooling just the way I like to start the night.

We made our way over to the drinks and food area. Of course they were all non-alcoholic drinks. I wasn't that hungry even though I haven't really eaten anything I just didn't feel like eating weird right?

I turned around to see ryan talking to rue and dancing with her there so cute and Chaz was making out with some girl with red hair in a corner.

Next thing I know I feel someone's arm sling around my waist. "Hey pigeon" the deep raspy voice I recognised to be chris's said.

"Hey" I smiled he pulled me away to an empty booth where we both sat down beside each other.

"I was beginning to think you weren't coming" he said loud enough so I could hear.

"I was just fashionably late, that's all" I grinned. He took a huge bottle of vodka out from under the seat.

"You want some?" he quizzed. I nodded eagerly I really didn't want to go home sober!

He handed me that bottle and I chugged half of it. "You like that pigeon?" He teased. I laughed as he chugged the rest of the bottle and slid it back under the seat.

"I have more for later" he winked as we stood up and he led me over to the dance floor.

The song 'timber' came on just as the alcohol began to hit me she sang the second line and that all I remember.

Justin pov

I was in one of the booths with a couple of girls as I noticed Chelsea dancing with some guy on the floor to 'timber' she was grinding on him and doing the occasional slut drop.

Don't get me wrong she was hot but I was jealous that it wasn't me she was doing it to.

After a few songs I got pulled into the dance floor by that hot cheer leader Sabrina. She was grinding on me and then she began to leave kisses going down my neck.

As she was doing so all I could think of was Chelsea. Then I saw her across from me fiercely making out with that guy she was dancing with earlier.

His hands were grouping her body greedily. I was not really angry so I began to make out with too.

"Man we need to get Chelsea out of here she wasted out of her mind!" Someone said pulling at my leather jacket.

I pulled out of the kiss to see Chaz pleading with me to help him. "alright fine where is she"

He pointed over to where I saw her giving that guy a lap dance no no no that's enough.

I stormed over there and pulled her off of him. he gave me a death stare and stood up. "Can I help you" he scoffed.

"Look man I don't want any trouble, I just need to get her to bed she can't afford to get in trouble this year man, otherwise she'd be all yours" I replied trying to keep calm.

"Yeah all right man just get her home safe" we bro hugged and then I turned to face Chelsea who had her arm around his neck while sloppily swaying her hips to the beat.

She was a total mess I grabbed her and through her over my shoulder. she began to squirm and kick as we got outside she kicked her heels off.

I made Chaz go and get them because I know what girls are like with their shoes.

As we reached the girls dorms I decided to put her down and wait for the lift.

"Hey Justy" she sang which made me laugh a little the door to the elevator opened and both of us walked inside.

She grabbed my hand and stared at me "I don't really like elevators they scare me" she cried and I pulled her into my chest and kissed her hair.

The elevator dinged open on the 4th floor and we stepped out. She held my hand while counting the numbers of all the rooms.

Finally we stopped at her one which she opened and ran inside an straight over to her bed I tucked her in and she fell asleep instantly.

"Night chels" I kissed her cheek and was about to leave before rue walked through the door and thanked me for my help and then I left back to my own dorm thinking about everything.

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