All because of you

A Justin bieber fan fiction about justin and ex-bestfriend Chelsea brooks. He's hoping they could pick up where they left off as they join each other in their senior year but she hopes different and Chelsea always wins.


5. chapter 5

"Is she still asleep" someone asked.

"Yeah she is and we went to bed early last night I don't now how she does it" someone else replies.

My eyes flutter open to reveal Chaz and rue talking and looking at me.

"Finally your up it's about time it's 4" rue smiled opening the curtains.

I usually never sleep in like this at home because I always have to look after Kenny while my mom works.

Next thing I know two figures walk through the door those two figure were ryan and justin. "Ahh she's up" ryan said winking at me.

We still have plenty of Time before the party so do you guys wanna hangout?" Rue asked the boys.

They all nodded "let's play truth or dare who's in?" justin asked, he loves this game it's so weird.

"I'm in" everyone said in unison apart from me. "You in chels" he asked again.

"If I can stay in my bed then yeah I guess" they all agreed to let me stay in bed while they began to play.

I picked up my phone that was placed on the night stand beside my bed. I picked it up and saw a couple missed calls from my mom and a message from someone that I didn't know the number of.

To: me

From: 5552428

Hey princess hope you slept well I'll see you at the party tonight x Chris

Oh yeah Chris that hot guy that lit me up yesterday. He seems nice. "What are you all smily about?" Rue asked

"Just a text from this guy" I replied. Chaz raised his eyebrows at me he was always like a big brother to me but we aren't as close as we used to be anymore.

"What's his name" ryan asked trying to sound all protective. I remember justin ryan and Chaz used to fight about who was more protective.

"Just some Chris guy I met yesterday" I replied while texting my mother to tell her that everything's fine and that I haven't gotten in any trouble yet.

"You mean Chris gray?" Ryan asked a frown placed on his face.

"Yeah I guess I don't know" I replied now putting down my phone.

"Don't go near him he's bad news Chelsea" Chaz warned

"Well I'm bad news to so why the fuck are you near me" i hissed his look softened and let out a sigh of defeat.

"Ok so justin it's your go to ask" rue said cheerfully to change the subject

"Ok Chelsea truth or dare" he asked ugh fuck off justin!!

"Dare" I smirked when I realised that wasn't the answer he was looking for.

"Ok well I dare you to tell me what happened after I left" justin dared

Cunt is he trying to piss my off "well I began to hate you for never talking to me and then I became distant from ryan and Chaz. My mum had my little brother Kendall, hunter was sent off to military school for bad behavior and my dad went to jail then I got expelled from school simple as" everyone was looking at me with wide eyes.

"Details?" he asked. Filling in the gaps no no one knows anything and the never will. I don't trust any of them at all. The more I thought about the details the more I wanted to cry no one really knows how bad my life really was and I hope no one ever will.

"Chelsea are you ok?" justin asked as I noticed I was crying I wiped my tears as justin was about to come over to me I snapped all my anger broke out.

"This is all your fault you know, I supported you through everything but as soon as you left you never looked back to talk to me! you never really cared did you! All I ever did was make you happy jeez I would have taken a bullet for you! I was so stupid and so naive to ever believe you ever even liked me! My life was ruined because of you becoming a stuck up argent pop star! I wish I never met you!" I screamed at him I'm sure the whole campus could hear.

Hurt, guilt and anger flashed through his eyes. "How fucking dare you all I ever did was make you feel special because you were and I loved you so much! Who even are you I don't even know you anymore your a slut and a bitch! it was a waste of my time being with you why don't you just go and die?" He asked instantly regretting it.

"Get. out. now." I said through gritted teeth.

"Chels I'm s-" he said before I cut him off. "Save it justin I don't actually give a fuck and it's funny how you think I haven't tried that"

Justin pov

What she tried to kill herself why? When? What have I done?

I felt so stupid as we left the girls dorm the boys wouldn't talk to me and they'd only ever do that if I did something really bad. Fuck I screwed up big time.

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