All because of you

A Justin bieber fan fiction about justin and ex-bestfriend Chelsea brooks. He's hoping they could pick up where they left off as they join each other in their senior year but she hopes different and Chelsea always wins.


4. chapter 4

Chelsea pov

I walked out of the gym trying to spot anyone smoking because I really need a lighter. I looked around and my eyes came across a group of boys smoking ugh thank god I didn't have to trek the hole way back to my dorm.

I strutted over to the group of boys and as I approached all eyes were on me just as I like it.

I pulled out a cigarette from the box that was in my back pocket. "Hey any of you's have a lighter?" I asked sweetly.

Only one boy caught my eye he was tall and buff someone that you wouldn't want to mess with. His eyes were a very dark brown almost black and his hair was a dark brown. He looked dangerous. He was so my type!

"I'll light you up princess" he smirked as I placed the cigarette in my mouth and he lit the end.

"So what's your name pigeon?" he asked.

"Chelsea, and your self?" I replied blowing out a puff of smoke making a perfect o.

"Chris and these are my boys Liam, Dixon, teddy and Damien" I nodded an the all waved. "you must be new here"

"Well I am" I responded this guy was cute but I play hard to get.

I was coming to the end of my cigarette "so sweetheart how about you come over later?" I chuckled at how easy he thought I was.

"Well I could but I won't" I smiled while stomping on my cigarette to burn it out.

"Why you got better plans?" He yelled after me as I walked away.

"Well I'm going to sleep so yeah I would take that as being better" I smirked as I walked back to my dorm.

Justin pov

After what ryan and Chaz told me I was a bit upset especially because Chelsea made it clear that she hates me.

The group of cheerleaders came over to us just after that girl rue left. There was one cheerleader that was hit and she looked easy.

"Hey I'm Sabrina" she smiled crossing her arms trying to make her boobs look bigger.

"Hey I'm justin, but I'm sure you already know that" i replied.

Sabrina went on to explain that she was a huge fan and blah blah blah. The one thing I couldn't get off my mind was Chelsea. I missed her but since she hates me we'll probably never talk.

So the best way to get her out of my mind is to sleep with this whore infront of me.

Chaz and ryan didn't really seem to have an interest in the cheerleaders I guess they are more of the natural type.

"So how about we go somewhere a bit more private" I whispered in her ear.

She bit her lip trying to look hot so not working but anyway. "Sure lets go" she giggles taking my hand in hers.

1hours later

Chelsea pov

Ok so for like the past 15 minutes I've been hearing really weird noises coming from the room beside me and it's really gross.

It got too much for me about 1 minute later so I went out and banged on the door really hard. "We're busy" someone yelled.

Then they continued so I banged in the door again. I heard footsteps and then the door opened. "Did you not hea- oh hey Chelsea" who was it none other than justin himself!

"Can you please tell you girlfriend in there to shut up with her moaning because it's sick bring her back to your room just don't do it in there" I requested and of I walked into my own room.

Sure enough the noise stopped and I'm pretty sure justin left. I was pretty tired so I hopped under the covers of my bed and fell asleep straight away.

I woke up to the sound of a door closing, I opened my eyes to see rue walk over to her bed. She looked over expecting to see me asleep. "Oh sorry did I wake you?"

"It's ok I'm a light sleeper" she nodded and walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

I picked up my phone that was sitting on the night stand. The time read 8:54 I had been sleeping for almost 2 hours and I'm still tired.

Rue walked out of the bathroom in a pair of pyjama bottoms that had illustrations of make up on them.

I grabbed my pyjamas and went to change. I also brushed my teeth and washed my face and walked back out and over to my bed.

"Oh there's a party on tomorrow by the way, it's for back to school everyone's invited" she told me I nodded actually quite intrigued as I loved parties.

"Sounds fun I'll be there" I smiled to her she squealed a little obviously excited that I agreed to go. Then we switched of the lights.

"Night chels"

"Night rue"

~~~~~~ AUTHORS NOTE ~~~~~~~~~~

Hope you likeee it sorry totally forgot to update i have exams for the next to weeks kill me please!!! Anyway i hope to update at the weekend

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