All because of you

A Justin bieber fan fiction about justin and ex-bestfriend Chelsea brooks. He's hoping they could pick up where they left off as they join each other in their senior year but she hopes different and Chelsea always wins.


2. chapter 2

Chelsea pov

"Get up Chelsea we have to go" my mom demanded. I groaned in response as she ripped the cover off my bed. "I mean it get up"

I guess she was still annoyed about yesterday, whatever like I care. I decided to take a quick shower so I washed my hair and stuff then hopped out and dried off.

I changed into the clothes I had put out for myself the night before. This consisted of high waisted short denim shorts a white jewelled strapless crop top and a crimson cardigan with a pair of combat boots.

You may think I seem like a bit of a slut but to be honest that's exactly what I am a slut.

I left my hair to dry naturally. I only put on mascara and lip gloss as I really didn't see the point in full on makeup that's only for special occasions. Yeah I sleep around but I'm not fake!

I grabbed my suitcases and my black backpack and brought it all downstairs to where my mom was with my little brother Kendall.

Kendall's my little angle and I love him to the moon and back he's only 3 but his so damn cute. I love him so much he's much baby.

"Couldn't you dress a little more appropriate?" my mother loral asked ask I took Kendall out of her arms.

I have a a look as to say no and she sighed giving in as she took my bags to the car. We weren't a very wealthy family but my mom always managed as she basically raised on our own as my dad was an alcoholic anyway let's not talk about him.

I follow her out taking the other suitcase while holding Kenny. I placed the bag beside my mom so she could put it in the trunk as I strapped Kenny into his car seat.

I hopped in the passenger seat and turned on the radio only to be shut straight off by my mom who had just got in the can I groaned at her but she didn't give in ugh useless.

We started to drive to the new school it was only a 20 minute drive so it didn't take long before we were pulling in through the gates of Stratford high.

I hated new schools especially this one because I didn't really no anyone but I'll make friends I always do. As I looked around the grounds I saw friends rejoining after the summer break.

We came to a halt out side what seemed to be the girls dormitory. My mom handed my and envelope which I opened. It was nothing special just my locker and room number, my timetable and a lock stuff like that.

We both got out of the car to get my stuff and bid farewell. I got my bags out of the trunk and my mom came around with Kendall in her arms.

She smiled at me which I returned because I knew I would miss them and that I wouldn't see them as much as usual. She handed Kendall to me so I could say goodbye.

I hugged him and he gladly returned "I'm going to miss you kenny" I mumbled against his skin as I kissed his cheek.

"I'm gowna mwiss you to chelsea" he replied in his adorable baby voice.

"Be good for mommy now" I instructed him. He nodded in agreement. "By mom I love you" I said pulling her in for a hug.

"I love you to chelsea" she replied a half smile on her face "please don't get in too much trouble and call me tonight ok?"

"Ok mom I'll try bye" I said before picking up my bags and bringing them into the girls dorm.

Justin pov

As my mom and I pulled in through the school gates and stop at the boys dorm I saw Chaz and ryan waiting for me.

I hopped out and they came over to say hi. I grabbed my stuff out of the car completely ignoring my mother who brought me to this hell hole in the first place.

The Boys looked at me and then at my mom indicating that I should talk to her. I sighed in defeat as I gave in.

I looked at her and she smiled at me I gave her a kind of half smile. "This is for the best justin I love you" she smiled pulling me into a hug and kissed my cheek.

"Yeah whatever mom, I love you too" she smiled at me as I picked up my bags and followed my boys into the dorms.

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