All because of you

A Justin bieber fan fiction about justin and ex-bestfriend Chelsea brooks. He's hoping they could pick up where they left off as they join each other in their senior year but she hopes different and Chelsea always wins.


1. Chapter 1

Chelsea pov 

"Ugh I hate you" I screamed at my mom while slamming the door to my room. 

We had currently just gotten into a fight about me going back to school and shit. I really hated school and I'm going to hate it even more now.

Why? you ask oh because my ex-bestfriend will be there and I hate him. he's an ass and I don't know why I ever wasted my time on him. 

His names justin bieber, and yes you did hear that right. I was Justin's bestfriend before he moved to Atlanta to follow his dream, which I totally supported but after he left he never called or texted nothing. 

He knew I had issues trusting people and he was one of the few people I did trust. But he lost that when he promised he'd call every day but he never did. 

Anyway enough about that douche I'm Chelsea brooks I'm from Canada. I have purple hair that reaches the end of my ribs and I have green eyes. I don't trust more than 5 people and I'm what most people would call a 'bad ass'. 

Yeah I do bad stuff and get suspended at least once every two months but my mom warned me if I fucked up this year she'll be sending me to military school. I've never been to this school before because I got expelled from my old one from smoking weed and vandalising shit so yeah..... 

Right now I'm currently packing to get ready for school did I mention it's a boarding school? well it is and it's mixed and it sucks! 

Ugh I hate packing as soon as I'm finished I'm going straight to sleep because I need all the sleep I can get. 


Justin pov 

"So man what's it like being back in canada?" Chaz asked me while sitting with ryan on my bed playing call of duty. 

"No offence man but it sucks here I hate it I shouldn't even be here" I hissed remembering why I'm even here in the first place. 

It wasn't my choice to be here I'm being made to go here because apparently according to my stupid ass manager and my mom, I'm spiralling out of control and I'm becoming an ass. 

Chaz sighed "yeah it does suck here but at least your not a total newbie" true things could be worse but I get to see all my old friends like my bestfriend Chelsea and I'm sure there will be a lot of hot girls I can screw around with. 

"So how's chels?" I asked. ryan paused the game he was playing when I asked him that and exchanged glances with Chaz. While Chaz awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. 

"Em Chelsea isn't really Chelsea anymore bro" he mumbled. What does he mean not Chelsea anymore. 

"Yeah she's really different man but you'll see her tomorrow so yeah" he added trying to get off this topic. What does that mean not Chelsea anymore?

Anyway I'm still excited to see her.

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