You and I .

Harry and Elizabeth fill in what they have always needed comfort , love . "CAUTION: SEXUAL CONTENT "


2. Thoughts.

Chapter 2.

I thought about the party Harry invited me to . He didn't give me a choice about going , thats for sure . I hear a knock on the door . I ran down stairs and i see Janet ."Whats up?" She said "We need to go shopping . Now!" I say . "Wait. Why ?" "Harry invited me to a party and I have to go" .


We went to the mall . I stopped by Hollister and Charlotte Russe . Because they are my favorite stores . I didnt buy a dress . I bought a high waisted flowy skirt . A crop top . And combat boots . Its a party . Might as well wear something comfortable . I also dont do dresses . So , there was no way i was going to by one .


All I could think about was what would happen during the party . While my thoughts got interrupted by Harry honking at me . Nice . I quickly ran out . "Hello babe " His raspy voice sounding like music to my ears . "Hey" I say . The drive there was mainly silent . I wonder if this would be considered as a date ? I should ask . "erm. Harry ? " "yes , love?" "Is this a date?" "Ha ! A guy like me ? With an innocent girl . That's probably still a virgin . No . " he laughed . I couldn't help but feel a little down about it . I'm not a virgin ! he thought wrong . But I don't wanna show him that I have be experience just yet .

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