You and I .

Harry and Elizabeth fill in what they have always needed comfort , love . "CAUTION: SEXUAL CONTENT "


1. My Story .

Chapter 1 .

Once upon a time , woah . Wait . This isn't right . My life isn't a fairytale as much as I would want it to be . Its more like a Beauty and a beast story . But I'm the beast . Do I explain myself ? By the way I'm Elizabeth Waters . I'm spoiled . But I'm still longing for comfort . Love . I'm very popular . I'm not one of those bitchy popular girls if thats what you are thinking .

Well , its the first day of fall . Here in 2012 . I'm riding home with my best friend . On the bus . We are still waiting on the side walk of school for the piece of crap we call a ride . Its just plain crappy . Anywhore , we are waiting on Karen . She isn't a good friend of mine , but it will have to do . When we see Karen on her way here she has a guy following her . "Who is?" Janet asked . "I don't know , but he is cute !" I giggle . I try to look presentable . Fixing my shirt my hair . Shit . He is getting closer . "Who is this Karen?" I ask . "Its my brother , Elizabeth , Harry . Harry , Elizabeth ." She said looking annoyed . "Hi ." Harry said . "Hey" Shit . I sounded nervous . Stop it Elizabeth. While we were still waiting , I felt Harry starring me down . Like , if his eye balls were burning behind my head . I mean , he seemed as the bad boy type . But trust me thats the kind of guys im interested in . Tattoos . Piercings . He had it all . But i seemed too innocent for a bad boy . Truth is . I am innocent . The bus got here Harry rushes by me . The smell of his cologne went up my nose . Something i have never smelled before but I liked it . I quickly got on the bus passing threw seats but then I stopped at the sound of a voice . "Hey , Elizabeth seat here I wont mind ." Its sounded like Harrys . I turned around and too my surprise it was him . Why was i getting nervous , excited . Should I say mixed emotions ? God . "Are you sure ? I wouldn't want to be a bother ." Really ? Elizabeth out of every other word you say that . "I'm sure " He said . His voice so deep . "Okay" I sat there . I didnt want to start the conversation first . I mean , wouldn't that make me feel desperate ? The rest of the ride was quite . Too quite for my liking usually im loud . But not today . Will it be like this tomorrow ?


I got off the bus . I hear foot steps . Someone grabbed my wrist . "Hey , Elizabeth" It was harry . Woah , calm down . I turn around . "Hey , Harry . Whats up " play it cool Elizabeth . "Just wondering if you would come to a party with me on Saturday . " he said . "I don't think .." He cut me off "I'm not taking no for answer your going " he said . Well , that got me by surprised . "Okay Fine " .


Hey guys ! Please favorite , like it , and share my story . Please !! Lots of love :* .

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