Forbiddin Love

Forbidden Love ❤

I know Louis Tomlinson but not as some guy in a band he's one of my next door neighbors we've been best friends since I was 1 and he was 2


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3: A Big Suprise

Kassy's POV

"Oh ya we have a huge surprise for you girls" stated louis

"What" I asked

"All you guys are coming on tour with us" yelled the boys

"Yay" we all screamed

"Well you guys should go and pack meet us at Kassy's house in the morning and we'll leave from there" suggested Liam

"Ok" we all said. Before getting up

Me and Louis went back home and he helped me pack I put on my PJ's and he brought my suitcase to the tour bus then went home I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep


Sorry about the short chapter I have to much homework I'll hopefully be able to update a longer one tomorrow if not I'll update twice the next day love you. Bye


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