Forbiddin Love

Forbidden Love ❤

I know Louis Tomlinson but not as some guy in a band he's one of my next door neighbors we've been best friends since I was 1 and he was 2


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2: Old Friends

Louis' POV

After we played more pranks on the boys we went to the beach by then it was sunset and getting dark we ran around and went swimming till it got dark once it got dark we called the other boys to come over and to try to bring someone with them.

"Hey guys I brought Gemma" yelled Harry

"I brought Perrie" yelled Zayn

"I brought Sophie" yelled Liam

"I brought food" yelled Niall

"Really Ny" me and Kassy yelled back

"Don't worry, i also brought my neighbor Emma" he said as they got closer

"Emma... Emma who" Kassy asked

"Emma Meyers" she replied

"Emma!" Kassy yelled hugging her

"Wait you guys know each other" asked Niall

"Ya we've been best friends since we where 2 and we still are but this summer she moved and her number changed and I thought I wouldn't be able to get it because she changed schools" Kassy explained

"I thought I was your best friend I've known you longer I've known you since you we're a week old and I was a year old" i exaggerated

"That's because she's not my friend anymore" Kassy replied

"What did I do, do you hate me?" Emma said sadly as Niall hugged her

"No your taking it to seriously" Kassy said rubbing Emma's arm

"What do you mean" Emma said a Niall wiped her tears away

"I love you a lot" Kassy explained

"Sorry but I'm not a lesbian" said Emma smiling a tiny bit

"Not in that way" replied Kassy as they both laughed

"Then what do you mean" asked Emma

"I mean your not my best friend or friend" explains Kassy as a tear came down Emma's cheek "your my sister" explained Kassy as they hugged each other "you do realise you said dodo earlier" laughed Kassy

"Well if we're out of the drama. Well if you guys are that close then..." Gemma started till she was interrupted bye Niall

"Why didn't you guys just text or call each other on your cell phones" asked Niall

"We couldn't because I have the older kind of iPhone and my parents got two one for me one for my brother Logan and I share the password with my mom, dad, and brother's iPhone and they will get the same texts she's text me and all that and also because at a party once I gave it to my mom to hold onto so I won't drop it while i was running and she put it in her back pocket and it fell down the stairs and broke and I can't read anything" Emma explained

"It's quite dark we should build our Bon fire" suggested Gemma as she lit the fire. As we saw the other girls of little mix coming across the beach then we all stared at Perrie

"What you know I will never go to a party without my girls" explained Perrie

Kassy's POV

I love the girls to death where my new best friends we have sleepovers and everything and when I'm sad and Louis not around they always make me laugh and now that Emma's around it makes it even better

"Girls this is Emma shes my old best friend from school we've known each other since kindergarten" I explained as I hugged Emma again then she ran to the bathroom with tears in her eyes me and Niall ran after her

"Niall you stay here I'll come and get you if I need you" I said leaving him in front of the girls washrooms

"Ok" he said sitting in a bench

I walked in and knocked on the door

"Emma" I asked "are you ok"

"Ya" she sobbed

"What's wrong" I asked

"Nothing, why" she replied trying not to sob

"Please open up" I asked

"No" she sobbed

"Please" I begged "dont make me get Niall" I threatened

"Please don't get Niall" she begged in in a sob

"Well then let me in" I asked

"You won't leave me alone till I do will you" she asked with a small giggle

"No" I said smirking sarcastically

"Fine" she said opening the door

"What's wrong" I asked

"It's just that your best friends with little mix" she started

"And" I asked

"What if they don't like me there all famous bands and just famous and I'm just a regular girl" she explained

"Don't worry they'll love you I promise and also look at me I'm a normal girl to trust me they will love you" I said hugging her

"Ok but what if you love them more" she asked

"Come on your my sister remember" I explained

"Ok can I see Niall" she asked

"Ya one second I'll go and get him" I replied

Niall's POV

I was sitting out side when I saw Kassy walking over to me.

"I talked to her she's fine" she said

"Ok but where is she" I asked

"She wants to see you" she replied

"Ok I be back" I said standing up

"I'll meet you guys back at the camp fire" she said

"Ok" I said walking into the room

Emma's POV

I was sitting on the ground in a ball trying to stop crying but I couldn't I don't know what has gotten into me normally this never happens and I can talk and make friends to almost anybody but its just that there famous and all that and I guess I'm just scared to blow it. Two minutes later I saw a shadow and it got warmer around me I looked up to see Niall hugging me I hugged him back as he put his sweater over my shoulders then sat down next to me.

"Hey" he said

"Hey" I said looking up at him

"What's wrong" he asked as he put his arm around me

"I don't really know" I replied resting my head in his shoulder. I really trust him our families are really close me and Niall known each other since he was one and I was a month old .

"You just got a little shy all of a sudden and ran of I know you better then that you don't do that you make friends all the time without leaving like that" he said contorting me.

"I think it's probably because their famous and big stars now and I'm just scared every ones going to leave me" I said moving closer to him

"I won't leave you" he said wiping my tears away

"But your going on tour and my parents are away for work I'm going to have no one all year" I said resting my head on his chest

"I'll find someone for you to stay with I promise I'm not going to leave you alone" he said cuddling up to me

"But what if you can't find any one" I asked

"Then I won't go" he said hugging me again

"No I'm not going to let you stay you have a bunch of fans waiting to meet you boys" I said

"No I'm not leaving you alone I know you, you don't like being all alone" said Niall rubbing my arm

"Well we should go back before they start worrying about us" I said

"Ya maybe we should" he replied as we both looked up at each other and he crashed his lips on mine i kissed back an till we kissed it started to turn into a make out session it would of lasted longer but we started to run out of breath and pulled away

"Um uh" he stuttered

"Uh" I continued stuttering

"Um" he continued even more

"Uh we should go" I said getting up

"Uh ya we should" he replied still stuttering he got up and looked around confused

"Uh where's the door again" he asked still looking around

"Uh that way" I said pointing at the door we went outside and started walking down the beach he rubbed his hand down my arm and grabbed my hand I hardly noticed though, I was to busy thinking about that kiss man was it ever good on the way back I don't think he realised but I was blushing bright red

Niall's POV

I grabbed her hand but I don't think she really noticed She doesn't really ever look down like that and when she does she doesn't keep it down that long I thought something was wrong but I didn't want to say anything and also I hope she didn't look up when I wasn't paying attention because I was blushing bright red and I actually really loved that kiss.

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