Forbiddin Love

Forbidden Love ❤

I know Louis Tomlinson but not as some guy in a band he's one of my next door neighbors we've been best friends since I was 1 and he was 2


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1: Pranks and Texts

Kassy's POV

I woke up due to Louis shaking me

"Come on we need to prank my sisters" I heard him whisper

"Does it have to be today" I wined pressing my pillow against my face

"Ya tomorrow I'm going on tour again remember today might be our last chance to prank them" he reminded me How could I forget about tour

"Fine" I wined getting out of bed I ran to my closet and took my favorite red crop shirt that said SKATE! across it with a black tank underneath with a pair of Louis red skinny jeans (don't ask why when he had a sleepover he forgot them and my mom thought they were mine) I grabbed my DC high tops and my skateboard

"Come on" I yelled running out the door grabbing his phone teasing him

"What did I ever do to you to deserve this" he asked chasing after me

"You woke me up early" I yelled going faster and faster on my skateboard I took the phone unlocked it and texted Harry and started a conversation it looked like this

Me- 'Hello tuty head'

Harry- 'Kassy'

Me- 'yep'

Harry- 'haha but where's Louis'

Me- 'chasing me'

Harry - 'haha lol honestly can't stop laughing at the fact he cat catch you he's 22'

Me- '*video of Louis chasing me*'

Harry- 'hahahahahahahahahaha your on your ripsik?'

Me- 'ya'

Harry- 'lol'

Me- 'gtg'

Harry- 'why 💧😫💦 I don't want you to go'

Me- 'I have to help Lou with some pranks'

Harry- 'ok haha bye... Just please not me -xx'

Me- 'ok fine... Bye - xx'

By now Louis finally caught up with me

"Here's your phone texted Harry" I said giving up the phone I had to eventually anyway

"Did he know it was you" he chuckled

"Yep" I said popping to 'p'

"Ha ha" he said teasing me

"K who care right now lets go get the pranks set up" I said grabbing his hand and putting him at the edge of my skateboard giving him a ride. When we got back to his house we grabbed 10 rubber snakes and put them in Phoebe and Daisy's dresser with my old iPod and made the iPod make snake sounds when they came back up to get dressed all you heard was two very loud screams then Lottie came running in saw a snake fall out and me and Louis pulled a string that made it move around then Fizzy came running and every one kept screaming at the snakes till me and Louis laughed so hard that everyone noticed us but we didn't care we had our fun.

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