Taken By Styles

"Where am I?" I asked the strange man, who just walked in this strange room i woke up in. "You're home now, Abby." He said as he left the room.


2. What Do I Do?

Harry's Pov:

I carefully grabbed the girl i just knocked out, and put her into my car. I laid her in the back seat. I usually don't ever kidnap girls, but i mean what else was i supposed to do? Leave her, and let her tell the cops? Then me and my gang would get caught. I was pretty sure i didn't see anyone when i shot him, i guess i wasn't looking that good. I started driving to my house, which was like a good hour away. I live kind of in the middle of no where. Its like a good hide out. No one ever goes down there, probably cause its kind of like in the woods, but not totally in the woods. I have no idea what i'm gonna do with this girl. Who even is she? What if she was like a serial killer? I mean, doesn't really matter considering i just killed a man. I don't know what i'm trying to say, i just, i don't know. Oh god i forgot about the lads. I don't live with anyone, i live by myself, but the guys have been coming over a lot more lately. I'm talking about the lads in the gang. Mainly Me, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. Then theirs Peter. Hes the head of the gang. Basically, he controls all of us. Hes scared of nothing. And i mean nothing! God knows how many people he killed. I haven't killed as many as many people as him. Not even half as much. And iv'e killed A LOT of people. Its easier than it looks. Everyone always says how hard it would be. Yeah, maybe the first time you kill someone. After that, its easy, and sometimes even enjoying. Especially someone you don't like. Iv'e had a lot of experiences. The only thing i cant do, is kill a women. Never have, never will. I just cant. I think its cause of my mom, and sister. Of course i dont see them anymore, but they still mean a lot to me. I finally got to my house. I carefully grab the girl, and bring her inside. I took her into the spare bedroom i have. I noticed theirs a bag she has with her. I opened it up, and theirs her wallet. Yes, her license. Abby Gee. That's her name.  Looks like she just turned 19. God, i don't know what to do with this girl. She looked so tense sleeping. I kind of feel bad. She's a really pretty girl. My thoughts got interrupted by a knock on the door. I quickly run downstairs to find Louis and Liam. "Oh, her guys." I said sighing. I dont know if i should tell them about her or not. "Hey." They both said. "Whathca got there in your hand?" Louis asked. I forgot i was still holding her bag. "Uh-h its a bag." i told them. "Really now?" Liam said sarcastically. "Whos bag is it?" Louis said getting frustrated. "Uh, its mine." I told them. Liam laughed slightly. "Thats a girls purse, Harry." Liam said. "Oh, it is?? Damnt! I thought it was a man purse! I better take it back." I said acting, but wasnt that good at. Louis took the bag, and they both started looking through it. "Guys." i said trying to take it back. "Who's Abby Gee?" Liam said. I sighed loudly. I didnt know how to answer that. They were getting inpatient waiting for an answer. "Ya know the guy who owed us money.?" i told them. "Harry, theirs a lot of guys who owe us money." Louis said. "Well the Robert guy, who owed us A LOT" I told them. They both nodded. "Well, you know i was supposed to kill him, and i did. But, their was a girl." I told them stopping. Liam made hand gestures to keep going. "She saw everything." I said. Louis looking angry. Liam had a blank expression on his face. "Did you kill her?" Liam asked. "NO." I shouted. They know that i dont kill women. "Then what did you do with her?" Louis asked. I sighed. "She's upstairs.. Sleeping." I told them. I could tell they didnt know what to say. "What should i do. I mean i cant let her go. She'll tell the cops." I told them. Louis sighed. "Well, if you weren't going to tell us about her, what were you going to do before?" Louis asked. "I dont know. Keep her here i guess." I said in a questionable tone. "Then do that" Louis said. "Peter is NOT gonna like that.. at all." Liam said. "I know." I told him. "Just give her to Peter, he'll kill her for you." Liam told me. "Yeah, for me. For me. She'll die because of me. I cant do that." I said. "Hey, you're not the one killing her." He said. "I dont know. I'll think about it." I told them. Maybe i should. I mean what else what i do with her. I cant keep her here forever. "Dont tell anyone about her. Not even the other lads. Not even Peter. Especially him." I told them both. They both nodded. "We better get going." Liam said. Louis nodded, and they both left. I stood there thinking for a minute before going upstairs into my room. I laid down in my bed, just thinking. "What did i get myself into?" I whispered under my breath.

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