The wedding Part 2:Amber and Harrys Wedding

Remember part one At Niall's and Sarah wedding? well now its Amber and Harrys turn. Will some thing go wrong? Will her parents let her?


9. The One Ex I'm Afraid Of

Harry P.O.V

While we were listening to Amber and Sarah's conversation we heard Sarah ask "Name the person you dated before Harry." Then Amber said "You really want to know." "Yes now spill it" Sarah said. "Okay His name is Louis" Amber said. "No way you dated Louis" Sarah said surprised. "Yes Sarah now lets go" Amber said. They left and still didn't know we were there. "You dated Amber, Louis you never told us" said Liam. "Yes but we broke up after Sarah and Niall's wedding" Louis said. I am really mad at Louis for not telling me. "Louis you can't go to my wedding" I said.


Cliff hanger! Well the next chappie will tell you even more secrets.

-Kisses 1Directioner


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