The wedding Part 2:Amber and Harrys Wedding

Remember part one At Niall's and Sarah wedding? well now its Amber and Harrys turn. Will some thing go wrong? Will her parents let her?


7. It was not real just a dream

Amber P.O.V

"Wake up amber we are going to the mall remember" said Sarah. " Yah I remember I had the craziest dream though" I said. " Yah get dressed" Sarah said.

This is my outfit:

Sarah outfit:

Sarah P.O.V

well we dot to the mall. amber was buying a bunch of clothes. My feet are staring to hurt and I told Amber but hers don't. She is so use to the mall. " I am so hungry" Amber complained. "Ok what do you want" I asked. "  Um how about Taco Bell" She said. "Ok that works so how about that dream you had tell me about it" I asked. " Oh yah so I got married to harry and my parents did not like him and the wedding went out fine, oh and Liam's and Sophia's baby died it was crazy" Amber said. " Hmm sounds kinda like real life just not the baby thing and wedding but you are engaged to Harry and your parents don't like him but yah" I said then we went home and slept.

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