The wedding Part 2:Amber and Harrys Wedding

Remember part one At Niall's and Sarah wedding? well now its Amber and Harrys turn. Will some thing go wrong? Will her parents let her?


8. Before the wedding

Amber P.O.V

well I went shopping with all my friends for a dress and found the perfect dress.

its just perfect. I hope Harry likes it. I decide to hide the dress at Sarah's house. I will also stay the night a Sarah's. I can't wait!  I head over to Sarah's. Niall is staying with Harry. "Hey Amber your dress is safe" Sarah said. " Ok so want to watch a movie" I asked. "Sure what should we watch" Sarah asked. I shrugged my shoulders. " Oh I know Princess diaries" Sarah said. I laughed then said "Sure why not." Sarah and I made a pact when we were young that we would watch Princess Diaries until we both got married. So tonight is our last time to watch it. In the middle of the movie my phone buzzed. I didn't know who it was so I turned it up it started saying Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry Harry. it was a text.

(H: Harry and A: Amber)


H: Hi I like your dress

A: You don't even know what it looks like Harry

H: Yes I do Niall showed me a picture he took of it at his house

A: I hate him

H: No you don't

A: Yes I do

H: You love me

A: Duh I love you

H: Knew it

A: No you didn't

H: Yes I did Amber I love you

A: See I know that

H: I know

A:But I love you more

H: I love you the most

A: shut up this is my fave part of the movie I am watching Harold

H: Meanie

A: ok Its over I love you the mostest

H: Ok I forgive you

A: Forgive me for what

H: You said shut up so I said you were a meanie so I forgave you

A: Oh I didn't read that text

H: Bye Niall wants me

A: Bye Harold

end of convo

"Hey Amber want to go to Nandos" Sarah asked. "Sure" I said. 

Harry P.O.V

"What Niall" I said. "Oh do you want to go out to Nandos with the guys" he said. "Ok Sure"  I said.

*at Nandos*

" Is that Sarah and Amber" Asked Liam. "Yah it is" said Louis. We walked over to a booth behind them but they didn't notice. We were listening to there conversation.

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