In Time

Casey and Sam have known each other all of their lives, but the world is ending. Will the love survive?


1. The Darkness

It`s so odd how my 20 years of life scroll through my head as I sit here in the dark. I`m so lost without Sam. I wish he would wake up. How did we get into this mess? How are we going to back home? I know enough first aid to stop the bleeding from his head and to let him rest. This might be awhile, so I decide to get as comfortable as I could. As a lean my head against the cave wall my mind flutters back to when I was six and the decision that would change our lives had been made. It was a crisp autumn day, the kind of day where the air is still warm but when the wind blows it leaves a cold bite on your nose. The kind of day when the sun hits the trees just right and it looks as if the world is on fire. The kind of day to fall in love. Sam had lived next door to us ever since we were babies. We live in a small town and our parents new each other all of their lives. Our mothers were best friends in high school and our fathers owned a construction company together. Sam is nine months to the day older than me. It`s as if he was born to protect me. That autumn day our mothers had sent us out to play while they prepared dinner for our families. I knew something was odd and I had asked Sam if he knew what was going on. " I don`t know Casey, it will be ok. It always is" During dinner our parents engaged in a heated discussion. I was so little then and the only thing Iunderstood is that a new president had been elected and he wanted to change things. I understood that this change wasn't wanted by a lot of Americans and people were scared. Words that I didn't understand at the time like "economic collapse" and "prepare" would soon become a part of our vocabulary. It frightened me. After dinner our parents sent us to my room to watch a movie. Instead we listened at the closed door as plans were formed to build the bunker and to prepare for what was to come. "Sam, I`m really scared." And as always Sam`s warm brown eyes sparkled as he put his arm around my shoulders ."No worries Case. I promise you will like what`s going to happen." That was the first night I had fallen asleep in Sam`s arms as he played with my hair. That night I had decided to always keep my hair long, for Sam. "Ugh" Sam moaned besides me breaking the memory. "Shhh, I`m here love." I whispered as I gently rubbed his arm. "What happened? Why are we here? Why the hell is it so fucking dark?" Sam groaned. I dug in my pack for a water bottle for him "Chill out, we made it through. You`re hurt pretty bad. Let`s just rest here for awhile" I tried so hard to hide the fear in my voice. "Hey, come on babe. No worries, we are almost home."He said as he pulled me in close and I laid my head in his lap so he could play with my hair. Home, I miss home so much. Home is what I thought about as I drifted off to sleep.

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