In Time

Casey and Sam have known each other all of their lives, but the world is ending. Will the love survive?


3. On Our Way

      I awoke to the smell of cooking meat.  I opened my eyes to find Sam crouched over a fire roasting what looked like to be a rabbit. I couldn't help but smile as I admired his perfect body and pleased that he was mine. As I stretched my hand landed in a small pebble and I chucked it at the back of his head." Hey you" he growled at me and pounced on top of me like a cat. Sam started kissing me in the most passionate way and I was quickly becoming lost in him like I always do. We were so lost in each other we didn't hear the footsteps approaching us.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" We heard a woman's voice call out. We both stiffened and looked into each others eyes. We had a plan for this. No one can ever find our bunker. Sam whispered " Plan A" and kissed me on my nose. "Hello? Please? I can smell food cooking and I haven't eaten for days" Sam just looked at me "Fuck, just stick to Plan A".

 As we stepped out of the cave with our weapons drawn we both were shocked at what we saw. A very pregnant red head in tattered camp barely stretching over her belly. She smiled weekly at us " Hi, I`m Krista"

Sam keep his weapon drawn and asked "Are there others?"

Krista looked down " No, they all died a few weeks back. I'm the last of our compound"

Sam looked at me and nodded. I lowered my weapon and walked toward her and offered her my hand. I led her into the cave and Sam walked in backwards guarding the entrance. I silently started cutting the rabbit for our new guest and gave her a bottle of water. 

We sat in silence as Krista ate hungrily sucking the meat off of the bones. It was clear to us that she had spoken the truth about not eating. When she had finished she started to speak. 

"Thank ya`ll for the food. I haven't found a town where I can salvage for a while and all the houses on this stretch have seemed to have been raided already." Sam and I made eye contact, she had been to our homes and the bunker remained safe.

Krista sighed " There was ten of us, and everyone got real bad sick. We have a compound on the side of the mountain. Well we ran out of medicine and folks just started dying. It was just me left." 

"Why didnt you get sick?" I asked without thinking.

"I don't know. I was pregnant obviously and I decided it best that I leave just in case whatever it was made my baby sick"

"Where you planning on going?" Sam asked this time.

"My Ben was in contact with some folks outside of Knoxville, I was hoping to make it there but our Bronco broke down a ways back so I took off on foot"

"You got about 30 miles to go till Knoxville lady. You gonna make it?" He asked as he nodded at her belly.

Krista smiled and said " God, I hope so"

"We love to help but we are heading in the other direction" Sam smiled " Trying to find family you know. There's a small town a few miles out, maybe we can can find you a vehicle and supplies to get you on your way" 

I knew the town he spoke of, it wasn't out of our way going home, in fact it would lead us to home quicker. 

"We need to get moving though before it gets too hot."

As Sam packed our packs I filled our bottles of water and added the iodine drops. We moved quickly and silently as Krista watched in curiosity. 

We walked in silence for a while and Krista spoke up " You two dont say much do ya?" She laughed. She started asking us questions and we provided the rehearsed artificial answers never giving away the truth. I had to admit, I liked having a bit of human interaction. When Krista seemed satisfied in our answers she started talking about her life these past few years. As it turns out, her husband Ben and his family had been survivalist but she didn't believe too much into the propaganda. After all America was the most powerful country in the world, how could it fall?

Well it did, it started with the new president. Then the depression, then the illness. Canada and Mexico sealed its borders from American refugees when I was 17 and that's when we knew that it was time to head to the bunker. Marshall Law was imposed as we watched in safety from our bunker. Americans were killing each other over food, and when they weren't killing each other they were dying off from the super flu. We watched as Afganastan bombed Washington DC, New York, and LA. The terrorist united in bringing our great cities to ashes and left the rest ruins.

Then Krista said something that stopped us in our tracks. Ben had been talking to an organized group out West, claiming to be a city carved on the inside of the mountain. They claimed to have 5,000 Americans and were encouraging more to come. "Is it true?" I couldn't help but ask.

She laughed "I don't know, you can't trust it though. What if its a trap to kill off the rest of us" 

We continued in silence as we reached the town. Sam and I told Krista to stay between us as we raised our weapons. We moved like soldiers in war toward the gas station on the outskirts of town. We walked onto the lot and there were several abandoned cars and SUVs. Sam walked over to the the Navigator and tested the doors and it opened right up. He rolled his eyes at me and flipped the visor lid. "When will people learn " he mumbled. The SUV started up and he smiled. " Let's get some supplies" he smiled at Krista. 

   Sam nodded at me and said " Let's start here". I knew the drill.

I guided Krista to the entrance of the gas station with my bow ready. I would guard the entrance while Sam would search the building. Basic military actions. No problem, we have done this plenty of times. As Sam entered the old gas station he winked at me with his cocky smirk. I instantly roll my eyes at him, he got such a kick out of playing hero. " Go on then" I saracastically said to him. 

    Krista and I stood outside in silence. She rocked nervously rubbing her belly. When she caught me looking she smiled weekly and said " He`s really moving around today. Must be cause we ate" she unexpectly walked over to me and grabbed my hand and placed it on her belly. After a moment I felt a nudge on the bottom of my hand. Then I felt a harder kick. I jerked my hand back in astonishment. I looked into Kristas eyes in amazement, then we heard a crash and a gun shot from inside the building. "Go to the SUV, lock yourself in, and leave if there is trouble"

     I rushed into the building toward what should be the stock room. "Damn it Billy, I about killed you!" I heard Sams voice boom. I rushed to the sound of his voice with my heart pounding in my ears.

"Sam!" I called out "In here babe, with this idiot!" 

I rounded the corner to see Billy Williams sprawled on the floor. " Hey there Case, long time no see. Its been what four or five years?"

Once again my eyes rolled " I`m going to get Krista"

I made my through the gas station and waved at for Krista to come in. I thought to myself, " How interesting is this gonna be"

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