In Time

Casey and Sam have known each other all of their lives, but the world is ending. Will the love survive?


2. Home

    Home. Such a simple four letter word that means so much. In my short life I have learned that home means different things to different people. Our home had become our bunker and my heart ached to be back there. Our supplies were still in good shape but our medicine was low. My mom was sick and cancer had struck her body. That`s why Sam and I were away from home and we were desperate to get back. As I drift off to sleep I start to dream about the spring we started building the bunker.

     Our fathers had brought in heavy equipment and had started digging a deep hole our back yards. It was a good thing that we lived so far out in the country or the whole town would of thought we were bonkers. The initial bunker was to be composed of six shipping containers with three stacked on three. Each unit would serve a purpose to housing the air filtration system to storage for food and paper products. The second story was to be our living quarters.

      That summer Sam and I were so little to really help with the construction of the bunker so we did our best to stay out of the way. We would play in the dirt piles as we watched our parents wire electricity, weld, and paint. It was up to us to occupy ourselves and to behave.

   My dreams were filled with dirt castles and mud fights. I was content because Sam was there by my side and it comforted me. 

"Babe, sweetie, you need to wake up" I felt Sam gently shaking me. 

I jumped with a start forgetting where I was. As I opened my eyes expecting to see darkness there was a slim ray of light illuminating the small cave we occupied. In confusion I found Same face. He gently smiled at me and said "Take a peek outside, you will love this"  I nodded and barely  stuck my head out of the cave "look up" Sam whispered in my ear. My eyes looked up to the sky and I gasped. There were four rainbows in the sky. It was so beautiful , I looked into Sams eyes "amazing!"

" I thought you would love it" and his lips gently met mine.

I missed this and I wanted so much more but I knew we had to get moving soon to get the meds back to mom. I reluctantly parted from him and sighed. "How long was I out?"

" A few hours give or take" 

I nodded and started to check his head wound. It looked good. Sam had fallen in the creek and hit his head off the boulder and knocked himself out. At least he still caught the fish. Thankfully while I was sleeping Sam had cleaned the fish and it was ready to be cooked. 

We got to work building a fire in our usual comfortable silence. That is one of my favorite things about me and Sam. We don't need a whole lot of words and we can move around and with each other as if its a music less dance, I loved him for it. He seemed to know what I was thinking before the thought was conceived in my head and so often we moved as one.

" How far from home do you think we are?" I broke the silence.

"I think within ten miles. We should be home by tomorrw"

A wave of relief washed over me.  Home, where its safe. I know this sounds crazy even though we hadn't seen other humans for years, it just felt safer being at home with our families. I am pretty sure that there were other humans out there we just had no interest in meeting them. In the prepping and survilaist world there we plenty of people who we are sure would survive, but all the ones we had met were just down right crazy. We could tell that there we others out there by the signs of scavaging in the towns surrounding our home and had no desire to meet them.

Sam and I had decided to wait the night out in our little cave. We planned to finish the trek home in the morning. Since I had already rested armed myself with my crossbow and insisted Sam close his eyes. As Sam drifted to sleep and let I let the weight of my crossbow comfort me. I smiled as the memory flooded my mind of the first time I used this weapon. 

   Our fathers had decided that we needed to be trained in weapons. I was twelve and there had been several mass shootings in schools and hospitals and I was deathly afraid of guns. My father had bought me a rifle and the first time I held it I had a panic attack and puked everywhere. This had upset my father immensely and it was Sam who had suggested the crossbow. 

 The moment I held it I fell in love with it and became quite skilled  in using it. Our fathers taught us how to hunt and how to defend ourselves proficiently. Sam still preferred his guns and that was fine, we came very competitive on who could shoot better. We also shared the love of knives. I always carried a butterfly knife and my father detested it calling it a common thug weapon. But yet it was still a we pin and when used properly it could do the damage that needed to be done. 

 The moon had risen high in the sky and I felt my eyelids growing heavy. "Sam, wake up, I can`t stay up any longer" . Of course Sam smiled that wonderful smile of his as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. " No problem babe" and before we could switch places he grabbed me and pulled me in close to his chest and I couldn't help but nuzzle his neck. His warmth radiated off of his skin and wherever his fingers touched my skin left a trail of fire. I knew that I was so lucky to have love at such a young age and tomorrow we would be home.

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