Capturing The Dream

I have a ordinary teenager life. I have a few close friends and I have a enemy. I fell in love and I got heartbroken in the end. I have a mom, a dad, a brother and a sister. I also have a Husky named Balto. Once my best friend gets 2 tickets to go see One Direction, guess who she is taking? Me. Everything goes crazy as soon as we go to this concert.. (My cover was made by Princess Irwin (: thank you!)


8. Chapter 8

Harry's P.O.V

"Hey lad. What's wrong?" Louis pats me on my back as I watch Ronnie and Melody walk down the hall to the elevator.

"Is it bad that I started to kind of like her?" I say.

"Yes. It wouldn't work Harry. You travel all the time and she is here. I think this is what's best for her and you." Louis says and sighs.

"Louis is right. She just doesn't seem like the type to want to date someone famous." Zayn butts in.

"I know. You guys are right. She isn't gonna be easy to get anyways. But I hope she does find someone worth being with. I just wanted to get to know her more. Maybe even just be friends." I sigh.

"Well I got Ronnie's number. Maybe she can give you Melody's?" Damon says.

My face lights up and I smile. "Seriously? How did you get Ronnie's?" I ask him.

"She gave it to me when we were talking in the lounge." He gleams. I roll my eyes and go into my room. if I can even text Melody, that would be amazing. I just want to be friends. That's it.

( Before I write anymore. I just want to say I will be using songs that are already someone else's and make them Melody's. I do not own any of them, but I think it would be cool to make them Melody's only in the story. Like for ex. Heart Attack by Demi Lovato will be a song Melody writes in the story. I am not stealing it. I mean how can I? Haha but hopefully it makes the story better :b also some of the 1D songs will be written towards Melody just to steam this story up. Back to the story!)

Melody's P.O.V

Im back home from that crazy time with One Direction. No one knows about the hotel or anything, just the concert. I unpack all my stuff and go downstairs to the living room with my guitar to write song. Kirsty and Aiden are playing PS3 so I just sit on the floor and watch for a little.

"What the fuck!? You took my care package!" Aiden yells at Kirsty.

"You should've got it first." She laughs. It's so funny watching them play Call Of Duty. I start to write down some lyrics and put them together. I don't know if it sounds good.

"Hey guys can you pause that for a second? Tell me if these lyrics sound good." I tell my two siblings.

"We are done anyways. Let's hear it!" Kirsty smiles.

"Ok. How is this?

but even if the stars and moon collide

I never want you back into my life

You can take your words and all your lies

Oh oh oh I really don't care"

"I like it! That's really good. And maybe it can sound like this." Aiden says as he grabs my guitar and plays some chords.

"Hmm that actually sounds pretty good." I say.

"I wanna help! How about these lyrics?

Hey hey never look back

dumb struck boy, ego intact

Look boy why you so mad

Second guessin, but should've hit that" Kirsty raps.

"That is perfect!" I gleam. This is why I love them. Kirsty is a great rapper and knows what lyrics work and Aiden is really good with helping me put the music with the lyrics. My family is pretty talented with music. My mom and dad have been performing in musical's since they were young, which got me doing it. They aren't on Broadway, but they could be. I love performing, but I think being in a band or just solo would be great. Aiden teaches musical instruments like guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, and drums. Kirsty loves to dance and rap.

"What do I hear in here? A new hit?" Dad smiles as he walks in on us.

"Yeah very funny dad. It's a new song I am working on." I laugh.

"Well either way it is amazing. So anyways me and your mom have some good news and bad news." He says as his face grows serious. Oh no.

"Bad news first." Kirsty says.

"Bad news is that me and your dad is going away for a while to teach theatre to kids in California." Mom says as she walks in the room.

"What's the good news?" I ask.

"Good news is we are getting paid a good amount of money and we decided to surprise you guys with something. Go check out the empty room that was upstairs." Dad says.

Me, Kirsty and Aiden look at each other and soon rush up to the empty room that had all our junk in it. I open the door and my jaw drops to the floor. They turned the whole room into our own recording studio. I scream excitedly.


"This is so cool!" Kirsty yells.

"Thank you mom and dad." Aiden smiles.

"I knew they would love it. There is also a little something for Kirsty in the used to be open up closet." Mom beams. Kirsty quickly jumps up and runs to see and in the used to be closet is a room with mirrors all around. it's her own dance studio. Kirsty starts crying and I run up to her and hug her.

"This is amazing." Kirsty says.

"It really is. Wait if you guys are leaving then what about the house?" I ask.

"Aiden will watch you." dad says.

"Woah wait. Remember I was going on the trip to Australia with my friends?" He says.

"Shit. I forgot." Mom says.

"Well Melody is almost 19. She can watch herself and Kirsty." Dad says.

"I got dance camp for 2 weeks." Kirsty says.

"I guess we forgot when we took the job. Melody we can stay home. We don't want you to be alone for that long." Mom sighs.

"Mom I can watch myself. Besides school is over. Graduation is over. I will just go to work and be in this room. And I can have Ronnie come over." I smile.

"Alright then I guess it is settled. Everyone is leaving tomorrow so we all better get ready. Melody you can drive my car but please be careful, no big parties here either. Only Ronnie is permitted in this house. Do you understand?" My dad says.

"Yes. Thank you." I smile and I hurry to my room to grab my cell phone. I see I got a text from a unknown number.

Hey I hope you don't mind me getting your number. I would really like to be friends. - Unknown

Ok this is weird.

Who is this? - Melody

Harry - Unknown

Shit how the hell did he get my number? I start to call Ronnie.

"Hello?" Ronnie answers.

"How could you give Harry my number?" I snap.

"Woah I gave Damon your number to give to Harry because he said Harry wanted to ask you something. I didn't mean to make you mad. I thought you wouldn't care." Ronnie says calmly.

I sigh. "Sorry, I was just trying to avoid talking to him anymore. But it is fine. I guess it won't hurt." I laugh.

"It won't. Be his friend. It won't kill you idiot. I gotta go. Damon is skyping me. He is so hot!" She squeals.

"Wait! I am going to be home alone here for 2 weeks. You need to visit me every now and then. But just text me ok? Bye!" I say.

"I defiantly will! Bye Mel!"

So I will be alone here for 2 weeks. Maybe I can record some new music! I realize I didn't text Harry back.

We can be friends. - Melody

Great. I was thinking we could hang out again. I don't got work for another 2 days. - Harry

Well....I guess it wouldn't hurt. Can you meet me at the mall? - Melody

I got millions of girls who want me. I will get mobbed. How about I come to your house? - Harry

I don't think that would work. I will be alone for 2 weeks and I can't have anywhere here. - Melody

Are you afraid of getting caught? - Harry

I'm not afraid of anything. Sure you can come over. I'll pick you at the park near the hotel that you are at. - Melody

Ok. See you tomorrow. - Harry

Oh god. What did I get myself into?

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