Capturing The Dream

I have a ordinary teenager life. I have a few close friends and I have a enemy. I fell in love and I got heartbroken in the end. I have a mom, a dad, a brother and a sister. I also have a Husky named Balto. Once my best friend gets 2 tickets to go see One Direction, guess who she is taking? Me. Everything goes crazy as soon as we go to this concert.. (My cover was made by Princess Irwin (: thank you!)


7. Chapter 7

Melody's P.O.V

I wake up on my bed in my hotel room. I had the strangest dream. Harry had me pinned to the bed and then I seen Terry's face. I shook my head and got up to walk to the bathroom. I knock on the door to see if Ronnie was in there. The door opens and Harry is standing there shirtless, only in a towel. My eyes go wide and I cover them up with my hand.

"Oh my god. It wasn't a dream." I whisper.

"Good morning Melody. You can have the bathroom now." He says as he walks into his room. I can't believe it was real. This could not be anymore embarrassing. I brush my teeth, put on my clothes for the day and sit on my bed.

"Hey Melody. How are you doing?" Ronnie asks me.

"I am fine. Thank you." I smile at her. She smiles back and walks toward the door.

"I am going to the lounge if you need me. Maybe I can see he guys!" She squeaks and winks at me. I laugh and wave to her. I grab my guitar and start playing Who Are You Now by Sleeping With Sirens. The door opens and I see Louis come in.

"Hey. You are a really great singer and guitar player." He says.

"Thank you." I smile at him.

He sits down next to me. "So I heard about last night. I heard screaming last night too but me and the other boys just stayed out of it. We just assumed it was about Harry walking in the bathroom haha. But are you ok?"

"Ah how come everyone knows. Can't anyone keep their mouth's shut?" I mutter.

"Harry looked down so we had to get the info out of him. We don't mean to intrude on your personal life, we were just worried." He said.

"Why are you all worrying? You don't know me or my life. I am fine ok? Can you just go please?" I say as calm as I can be. He nods and leaves the room. I take a deep breath and just sit there thinking. I don't understand why these people who don't know me care. I am worthless. I am nothing. I am just a girl trying to live. Can't anyone accept that? I grab my guitar and start jamming again. Blocking out the whole world is my specialty. I need to relax. I will never see them again after today. We go back home finally. I decide to go into the lounge with Ronnie. I see that everyone is in there and I see Ronnie talking to a boy I have never seen before.

"We need to play truth or dare!" Niall yells.

"No! Last time you told Zayn to shave his..."

"We are not bringing that backup!" Zayn yells.

"You wanna play Damon?" Harry asks the boy who is chatting with Ronnie.

"Sure!" He says.

"Alright I guess everyone is gonna play?" Niall says.

"I guess so" Liam says.

"Of course!" Louis gleams.

"I will only play if Melody plays." Ronnie says smiling at me.

"I don't think I should." I say as I look at her.

"Oh come on. I promise that you won't have to do anything serious." She says.

"Alright. And I am not afraid of anything. You know that Ronnie. " I say while I take a seat on the floor.

"It will be fun." Harry says to me. I shrug and soon everyone is in a circle on the floor.

"Alright I will start it off. Liam truth or dare?" Niall says to Liam.

"Truth." Liam says.

"Hmm alright. If you could fuck any girl in the world, who would it be?" Niall says.

"Mirella." Liam smiles.

"Mirella? The famous singer Mirella?" Louis says shocked.

"The very same." Liam smiles.

"Ok Louis truth or dare?" Liam asks.

"Dare!" Louis yells.

"Alright. I dare you to hide kevin in Paul's underwear drawer." Liam laughs.

"Ok hold on." Louis says as he races out the room. Within a minute he is back. "Done."

"Hazza truth or dare?" Louis says.

"Dare." Harry smiles wickedly. Louis smiles back.

"I dare you to get in the small closet with Melody for 20 minutes." He grins.

I sit straight up and look at Harry who gets up and holds out his hand.

"Why am I brought into this?" I ask.

"Because I dared him to and now he must do it." Louis says.

"Alright." I say as I get myself up and walk into the closet. Harry gets in after me and I realize there is barely any room in here and there is no light.

"Sorry about this love." He says to me.

"Why are you sorry? I am totally fine." I said calmly. My chest is against his chest and I can feel his heart beating. This is extremely awkward.

"You are ok of how close we are right now?" He says. I can feel his hot breath against my neck. I shiver and try to get away from him a little but its no use.

"Yes I am but this is really uncomfortable." I say as I try to adjust myself. I hear him laugh. "What's so funny?" I ask.

"You. Hold on." He says. He sits on the ground and tugs me down onto him. So I am sitting on his lap facing him. "Better?" He asks.

"Ummm sure." I say. My heart is pounding. I hope he can't feel it.

"Sooo I been thinking. How is it that you seem so strong yet so hurt and broken?" He asks me.

Things just got serious. "I am not broken. I am hurt. I just can't let that get in the way with my life. I don't let any guy get close to me. I can't trust any of them." I say. I feel a tear stream down my face but he can't see since it's pitch black in here.

"Not all guys are like that you know. You just need to find the right one." He says. His hands holding onto my hands.

"I don't want to talk about this. I am focused on music right now. No guys. Just music." I say.

"So you want to be a singer?" He says.

"Yes. I been doing musical's for a while and I play guitar and sing on the side as well, but I want to do what you do." I say. Why am I telling him this? "Forget it. It's a dream."

"Well I hope it happens for you. You have a unique voice. And you are pretty cute" He whispers in my ear.

"Are you flirting with me?" I ask shocked.

"Maybe. Is it working?" He says breathing on my neck on purpose.

"" I say.

"I can feel your heart beating fast. You want to kiss me don't you?" he breaths.

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" I breath back. I have no feelings toward him so I might as well play along.

"I would." He says. I make a bold move and grab his cheeks with my hands and I give him a sweet kiss. I try to stare into his eyes but I still see black.

"Whatever you do. Please don't crush on me." I breath to him.

"I think it's kind of too late for that." He says as he kisses me harder. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer towards him. I can't help but...enjoy this. I snap out of it and get away from his face.

" can't. Please don't. I am completely shielded by my walls and they will not come down. You are a famous guy. I am a normal girl. It will never work." I say.

"I have been crushing on you ever since I seen you in at my concert. Ever since you kissed me. Stop trying to push me away." He says as he grabs my face with his hands. "All girls deserve more. You deserve more."

"Guys it's been 20 minutes!" Liam yells. Harry lets go of my face and I get out the closet and walk out the lounge.

"Hey where are you going?" Ronnie says as she chases me down.

" I am going to pack up. We gotta go home remember?" I say.

"Well yeah but you totally left in the middle of the game." She pouts.

"I'm sorry. I'm just ready to go home." I say apologetically.

"I understand. I'll call my dad to get the limo." She says as she goes back into the lounge.

I can't believe Harry is crushing on me. Why? He hasn't even known me long. Leaving as soon as possible is the best thing to do for me and him.

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