Capturing The Dream

I have a ordinary teenager life. I have a few close friends and I have a enemy. I fell in love and I got heartbroken in the end. I have a mom, a dad, a brother and a sister. I also have a Husky named Balto. Once my best friend gets 2 tickets to go see One Direction, guess who she is taking? Me. Everything goes crazy as soon as we go to this concert.. (My cover was made by Princess Irwin (: thank you!)


4. Chapter 4

"Ok what the hell are we doing back here? Can't we just leave?" I asked Ronnie.

"And miss this chance of being close to One Direction!? You're out of your mind Mel! You know how long I been waiting for this day." Ronnie pouted. I shook my head and went to sit on the floor. I stayed there the whole time while Ronnie watched them perform. When the show was over, I stayed where I was until everyone came back.

"Ummm, why are you sitting on the floor?" The guy with the blonde hair said.

"I'm not standing the whole time, so I am sitting. Is that ok?" I snapped.

"I guess so. Come on....wait you're that girl who just kissed Harry!" He said when Ronnie cut in.

"Her name is Melody. I am Veronica. She is being stubborn right now but she will calm down and yes she is. I don't know why!" Ronnie said as she smacked me behind the head.

"Ow! What the hell Ronnie?" I yelled as I rubbed my head.

"Be polite. They did nothing wrong. They helped us. Stop being bitchy and ruining my mood. And why did you kiss him!?" Ronnie said very seriously. I sighed and got up.

"I thought it would make the song better and piss off some girls" I laughed. Ronnie smacked me again. "OW! Stop that!" I yelled.

"You are such a idiot. But you grow to love her, haha. She is a sweet person when you know her." Ronnie said smiling at the blonde one. "Oh my gosh I totally forgot! Melody you probably don't even know their names! This is Liam, that one is Zayn, that's Harry, That's Louis and this one is Niall."

"Wait. She came to our concert and doesn't even know our names? That's a first." Louis laughed shaking his head.

"I'm not good with names." I mumbled. Ronnie gave me a stare and I just looked away.

"Well we will have to go to our hotel soon but you guys want some pictures and autographs?" Liam said smiling. Ronnie gleamed and jumped up and down.

"Yes! Melody you are getting pictures. Don't be moping in them either!" She said excitedly. I groaned and gave in. She took pictures with all of them individually and a big group picture. I did the same but one of them grabbed my waist which made me kind of mad.

"Is there a reason you are touching my waist?" I whispered to the boy I kissed early. I think his name is Harry.

"Makes a better picture with you love and I think you are into me with the way you kissed me." He winked at me.

"Do not call me love, but there is no way I would be into you. I'm done with guys." I said.

"So you go for girls?" He asked.

"Woah no! I mean I just don't want any relationship or anything. That kiss meant nothing. Just a funny thing to do." I whispered. I guess I sounded harsh but I had to get the point across somehow. I smiled in the picture and then we all took one big picture.

"Well this has been fun but we gotta get back to our hotel as well." I said sarcastically. Ronnie smacked her forehead and looked at the boys.

"It has been a dream come true meeting you guys! Thank you for making this night amazing!!!" Ronnie hugged them all and looked at me, waiting for me to say something to them.

"Umm thanks for...the help I guess." I did a fake smile and turned to the door and walked out. I heard one of the guys say "That went well I think." That's the last time I hoped to ever see them again or even be near these stupid fan girls. But yet again, I did like the songs.

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