Capturing The Dream

I have a ordinary teenager life. I have a few close friends and I have a enemy. I fell in love and I got heartbroken in the end. I have a mom, a dad, a brother and a sister. I also have a Husky named Balto. Once my best friend gets 2 tickets to go see One Direction, guess who she is taking? Me. Everything goes crazy as soon as we go to this concert.. (My cover was made by Princess Irwin (: thank you!)


19. Chapter 19

"Harry.." I whispered as he walked next to me and looked at the stars.

"I wanted to hate you." He mumbled. "I wanted to never see you again; even after knowing my true feelings for you."

I looked up at him with teary eyes and tried to speak, but he cut me off.

"I fell for you Melody. I'm so in love with you that it's killing me. When I'm with Jenna, all I think about is you. From day to night, you're always on my mind. I didn't think I loved you since it hasn't been a long time, but I know now. I had a dream and you was disappearing. I cried out for you but once you was gone, I woke up and realized that I love Melody. I love you. I love you with all my heart and if I can't see this beautiful girl again, I will never be the same. I haven't been the same since you deserted me. Deserted all of us. And once I heard about Ronnie telling you the truth about her condition, I just wanted to be with you and to comfort you and tell you everything will be ok, which is why I'm here." Harry said. Tears slowly fell onto my cheeks and I fell into his arms. My cheek laid on his chest and I could feel his heart pounding.

"Please say something." He said.

"I love you." I cried into his chest. "I do. I never stopped thinking about you. Even when I hated you, I knew I loved you. I know now. I know I can love again. I'm not afraid anymore."

Harry lifted my face up and wiped my tears on my cheeks. He pulled me in and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and from that moment, I knew I was in love with Harry Styles.

Liam ran out in a panic and startled us.

"Ronnie's unconscious. Louis and Damon rushed her to the hospital. We have to go now!" Liam yelled. My heart stopped and tears fell down my cheeks. My best friend is being rushed to the hospital. Harry grabs my hand and pulls me through the house and to his car. We rush through traffic and get there in ten minutes. I run through he doors and stop the first worker I see.

"Where is Veronica Fredrickson?" I cry.

"Only family can see her. Please wait in the waiting room." The woman says, trying to calm me down.

"I'm her best friend. I'm like a sister. Please!" I beg.

"I'm sorry, you have to wait for now. We'll let you know about her condition soon." The woman said, leading us to the waiting room. I sit down in the chair and cry onto Harry's shoulder. I look up and see Ronnie's dad run in.

"Kyle!" I yell to him. He runs over and hugs me. "What're you doing here?"

"I came when she told me she wasn't feeling well. I been staying at a hotel for a couple months. Where is she?" He said frantically.

"They won't let me see her." I said. He grabbed my hand and rushed over to the counter.

"Where's Veronica Fredrickson? I'm her father." He said to the receptionist.

"Room 3B" She said. We rushed over to the room, and went straight to Ronnie's bed.

"Oh my god." Kyle said as tears fell from his eyes. Ronnie laid in the bed, barely able to breath. I walked over and sat next to her on the bed.

"Mel..." She whispered. I smiled and started to cry. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. "You're my best friend forever and always. I love you."

"Ronnie, you aren't going to die." I cried, putting my face into her chest. She stroked my hair and laughed.

"Yes, I am. I'm dying Melody, we have to accept it. Getting those One Direction tickets were the best thing that ever happened to me. I got to see you so happy and that's all I ever wanted."

"Ronnie..." I choked out.

"Dad? Please get everyone in here. I want to talk." Ronnie coughed out. He nodded and quickly left the room. He came back within a minute and everyone was surrounding the bed where Ronnie laid. Kyle left the room so we could all talk alone. Ronnie sat up and began to speak to each of us.

"Liam, you're the most thoughtful friend I could have. You comforted me through the hard times and I couldn't of asked for more. Louis, you make me laugh and forget I'm even sick. You're like a big brother to me. Niall, our moments together are unforgettable. You bring me so much joy and always sing to me. Zayn, you stick up for me like no one ever has. You are a true friend. Harry, you are the reason we all could be here. You brought us all together in your own way and that's the greatest thing you could do for me. Thank you. Mirella, you have always been with me like a sister. You give me amazing advice about everything and you are a incredible person. And Damon, I never thought that I could feel like a crazy girl till I met you. You make me so happy, you like me for who I am and I love you so much. I'm so happy that I can die knowing that you love me and I love you. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. And I know you'll make another girl just as happy. Melody, you will always be my sister for life. I'm going to be you guardian angel. I will always watch over you. When you cry, when you're happy, when you're scared, I will be with you. I love you. I love you all. You made this year the most amazing time of my life. Please live your life to the fullest. Never regret, never forget. I will be watching over you all. You are my family."

I could see everyone had tears rolling down their cheeks as she spoke. Kyle walked back in and stood next to Ronnie.

"Visiting time is over." He said. We all slowly walked out the room, but before I got to the door, I looked at my best friend one more time. This could be the last time I see her. Ronnie mouthed the words I love you and Harry grabbed my waist and walked me out the room.

We all drove to the boys place and sat in the living room. No one spoke, so it was complete silence. My phone started to ring and it was Kyle. He called to tell me Ronnie has passed away. I ended the call and fell to my knees. I screamed out and everyone knew what happened. Harry grabs hold of me and holds me tight. I never knew it would come to this. I lost the one person whose been with me since forever. My best friend is gone. How can I go on without her?

I cried myself to sleep that night. I dreamed about me and Ronnie's trip to the beach. We snuck out at night and laid out on the sand, looking at the stars. She looked at me and told me she would name her daughter after me. I smiled and told her that she would always have me by her side. That's the night we swore to be friends forever. We both found a seashell and made it our own stress shell. If either of us misses or gets angry with one another, we would hold that seashell and we knew that we would never leave one another. I wake up and walk over to my jewelry box and grab the seashell.

"Ronnie....I already miss you." I cried out. I held the seashell with all my might and cried,  but at the moment I swore I could feel a hand laying on my hand holding the seashell.

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