Capturing The Dream

I have a ordinary teenager life. I have a few close friends and I have a enemy. I fell in love and I got heartbroken in the end. I have a mom, a dad, a brother and a sister. I also have a Husky named Balto. Once my best friend gets 2 tickets to go see One Direction, guess who she is taking? Me. Everything goes crazy as soon as we go to this concert.. (My cover was made by Princess Irwin (: thank you!)


16. Chapter 16

You're late." Simon said sitting at his desk. I walked in and sat down.

"I know. I'm sorry. I slept in." I said looking down.

"You have fun last night?" He asked. I gave him a weird look until he handed me a magazine. "Read what it says."

"Melody Ulgiati, recently signed by Simon Cowell has One Direction wrapped around her finger. Harry Styles picks a fight at the club with a stranger over the girl." I read as my face goes red.

"That's not true! They just invited me to go..." I said before Simon cut me off, like usual.

"That isn't the point. I know this is all new to you but you need to be careful when you go out. Paparazzi will catch you and say whatever they want. I know you went to have fun but now think about what's going to happen." He said seriously.

"Well now everyone thinks Harry likes me." I said laughing a little. He smiled a little and shook his head.

"Let's just work on your music. Are you trying to be a pop star or be in a band or anything?" He asked me. I thought about it but I wasn't sure.

"I mean, I always been doing covers by myself but I always thought about being in a band. I'm more of a punk pop type of girl." I smiled a little.

"Great. You can start a band." He said picking up the phone.

"Really?" I asked confused.

"Yes. I think it's a great idea. Get to know some people and if you can't find someone, let me know. You can go to the studio." He said as he shooed me away with his hand. I walked into the studio and grabbed my headphones.

"How was the club?" Some girl asked me sarcastically. I ignored her and went into the booth.

"I wanna make a cover of Drown by Bring Me The Horizon." I said in the mic.

"I love that song! I'll play it for you." A guy said back to me. He ran out the room and came back with his guitar. He walked into the booth with me and grabbed a chair.

"I'm Dylan." He smiled at me.

"I'm Melody." I said smiling. He was so cute.

"Haha I know. You ready?" He asked. I nodded and I started singing. He started singing with me and it felt right. We were so good together. After the song was over I was surprised by how good he was.

"I'm starting a band and you'd be perfect for it." I said excitedly.

"Really? Ok." He said smiling.

Darrell's voice came over the speaker. "Guys that sounded really good. I'm keeping it saved so Simon can hear it."

Me and Dylan gave him a thumbs up. I continued on my day of work and once it was over, I went over to Dylan and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Do you want to come hangout at my hotel with me? We can talk more about this band?" I asked nervously.

"Sure. I'll drive." He says as he grabs my keys and heads out the door. As we go into the main lobby I see Mirella standing there.

"Hold on a second." I said as I ran up to Mirella. She hugged me and smiled.

"Hi there!" She gleams.

"Hey. What brings you here?" I ask.

"Had to work on some music, so I thought I'd see if you was here and would want to hang out." She asked. I looked at Dylan who walked over to us.

"Hey Mirella." He smiled at her.

You know each other?" I asked shocked.

"We're cousins. And Darrell is my brother. He works with you right?" Mirella says smiling. It took me a moment to process everything but I nodded my head.

"Huh, small world." I laugh.

"He is the reason I got famous and why Dylan is aloud to visit." She says poking Dylan in the stomach. He laughs and shrugs.

"Anyways, we were heading over to my place if you wanted to tag along." I said to her. She gave us a evil grin and put her hands up.

"No no, I'll leave you guys alone, but Melody, we are going to hangout one day." She said waking away.

"Well that was weird." I laughed.

"She's goofy." He says as he leads me to his car. I hop into the front seat and he drives out the parking lot.

"So what made you want to be famous?" He asked as we stopped at a stop sign.

"I always thought about it, but never really tried until a friend sent my cover to Simon and here I am." I laughed.

"That's crazy. I always wanted to be in a band but the people I would play with were never motivated." He said as he continued to drive. We made it to my hotel and we walked in to the elevator. I pushed the button and got in. Once we got to the floor I was on, I walked to my room and open the door. Balto runs and jumps onto Dylan. Dylan screams and falls to the ground.

"Balto, that's a friend!" I said as I pulled on his collar. He licked my face and ran back into the room. I laughed as Dylan got up.

"You scared of dog's?" I laughed as he held his stomach.

"I thought it was a wolf!" He said out of breath.

"He is half wolf, half Siberian husky. I forgot to tell you I had a dog." I said as I led him into my room.

"It's ok. I'm ok." He said as he sat on the couch.

"You want anything to drink?" I ask him.

"Water please." He said.

I bring back two bottles of water and sit next to him on the couch.

"So let's think of a band name." I say as I sip my water.

"What kind of band are you going for?" He asked.

"Like a pop punk type. Like All Time Low." I said.

"Ok, how about Blood Stain!" He said. I looked at him like he was crazy.

"We are not that hardcore Dylan, how about Linked To Twilight?" I said.

"I like it." He smiled.

"Good. Now we wait for auditions and we can get a bass player and drummer." I smiled and bounce up and down. The rest of our time we talked about each other and decided that we would both sing and play guitar, but I would sing more. Someone knocked on my door so I walked over and opened it to find Harry standing there. He looked over and seen Dylan and his face instantly turned red.

I whispered to him. "Harry, let me explain before you jump to conclusions."

Dylan calls over. "Who is it?"

Harry walks in and stands in front of me. Dylan's eyes go wide.

"Harry Styles? From One Direction? You two know each other?"

"Yeah we do. He's a good friend of mine." I say quickly.

"In that case, I'll let you two have your turn. It was nice to meet you Harry." He said as he walks over and hugs me. He walks out the door and Harry shuts it. He puts the lock on and gives me a stare.

"Why are you hanging out with him?" He asked. Anger in his voice.

"He's in my band." I say seriously.

"You have a band?" Harry says shocked.

"Yes. Linked To Twilight. We're a Pop Punk band. Simon thought it was a great idea." I said as I grabbed his hand.

"I don't like it." He says.

"It's not your decision to make." I snapped.

Balto growled at Harry but I put my hand up.

"It's ok bud."

"You have a wolf?" Harry said looking at Balto.

"Half wolf." I said. I walk over and grab Harry's face. I pull him in for a kiss. He doesn't reject and kisses me back. "I like you Harry. You need to trust me a little."

"I like you too Melody. I'm sorry. I get jealous." He says as he grabs my waist and pulls me close to him. "So what are we?"

"We're just two people who like each other. Nothing else." I say looking down.

"So we aren't together?" He asks.

"No. You know we don't have time for a relationship Harry. It won't work."

"Can't we try?"

"One of us is gonna end up hurt Harry, I don't want that happening. We need to stay friends. No more kissing or flirting."

"That's gonna be hard." He says laughing a little.

"Well it needs to happen. I'm sorry."

"I'll just leave then." He says as he opens the door. Everyone is standing outside the door. Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Jasmine, Casey, Alice, Ronnie, Damon and even Mirella.

"Mirella?" I looked confused.

"I heard them talking about you so I asked if they knew you. They said yes so I asked if I could join. And here I am." She laughs. Everyone walks in and makes themselves at home. Balto walk over to Ronnie and cuddles on her.

"Balto missed you." I laughed.

"Of course he did. I missed him too." She said as she hugged him.

The night was nice and fun. Liam finally got to meet Mirella. They talked to each other all night. Alice, Jasmine, Louis and Zayn had their own conversation going, Ronnie, Damon, Harry and I were talking to each other.

"Wow, you're starting a band! Damon plays drums you know." Ronnie said smiling at him.

"You do?"

"Yeah." He said smiling.

"Please be in my band!" I yelled

"Sounds like fun. Ok!" He said yelling back. I smacked him on the head and laughed.

"Now all we need is a bass player." I said.

"I know a guy." Jasmine said jumping in the convo. We all looked at her. Zayn grabbed her hips and pulled her on his lap.

"His name is Thomas. He's been playing bass for years. I can call him?" She asked.

"Yes please." I said.

"I think you have yourself a band." Damon smiled.

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