Never Love

Adalia will do almost anything to keep from falling in love. She ignores all the boys in her grade and will only talk to the girls just to make sure that no one ever likes her, but when five boys transfer to her school her whole world will be turned upside down.


12. Payback

Thankfully I survived the night. I fell asleep on top of someone, not really sure who. I didn't really feel the need to open my eyes just yet. After all, it was Saturday. You're not supposed to wake up early on Saturday.

Then I got an idea.

I slowly got up without making any noise. I looked down to see Louis. So that's who I was sleeping on. At least it wasn't Harry!

I walked through the snoring bodies of teenage boys and two teenage girls. They were going to pay. Once I reached the kitchen, I started looking through the drawers for any type of markers.

"Yes! Sharpies!" I whispered. I took out a blue and red sharpie and started giggling to myself. This was going to be very interesting.

"Adalia, what are you doing?" I spun around upon hearing my name.

"Oh, hey Li." Liam was standing behind me rubbing his eyes.

"Addy, what's with the markers?"

"Nothing....." I then started bursting into laughter as I watched him finally understand what was going on.

"Can I help?" He asked with a grin on his face. I just nodded and put my finger to my lips to signal him to shut up.

I handed him the blue sharpie and we tiptoed back into the room where everyone was asleep.

"You take Harry, Louis, and Ashley. I'll get Zayn, Niall, and Alannah." He said.

I started off on Harry. First I gave him a lovely mustache and beard. I then continued with the unibrow and lots of dots everywhere. I made many little swirls on his neck like odd tattoos. The last thing he got was the word "dork" written across his forehead.

I turned around because Liam was tapping on my shoulder.

"I kind of already did everyone else because you took so long." He said.

"C'mon Liam, we have to go before they wake up!" I laughed at him.

We both went running up the stairs into what I think is the bathroom, I wasn't really paying attention.

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