Never Love

Adalia will do almost anything to keep from falling in love. She ignores all the boys in her grade and will only talk to the girls just to make sure that no one ever likes her, but when five boys transfer to her school her whole world will be turned upside down.


10. My Savior (not)

I quickly fell asleep after Harry locked me in the closet.

I woke up to the sound of the lock clicking and the door opening. The bandana over my eyes was removed. I looked up and immediately regretted it. There was Harry. He had on all black clothes and a ninja mask over his eyes. I only recognized his because of the hair and the cheeky grin.

"Good morning sunshine." He said. I tried to say some snark remark back at him but I couldn't because of the bandana across my mouth. I looked around him to see the clock. Midnight. How wonderful. He started untying me hands and feet but kept the bandana around my mouth. He picked me up and I fought against him.

"I like it better when you can't talk." He said.

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