Never Love

Adalia will do almost anything to keep from falling in love. She ignores all the boys in her grade and will only talk to the girls just to make sure that no one ever likes her, but when five boys transfer to her school her whole world will be turned upside down.


4. Making Friends

I slowly walked over to Harry, Ashley, and the rest of the guys. I sat down next to Ashley and kept my eyes down. I tried not to notice them being there.

"Hello!!" I looked over at Louis who was trying to make some conversation with me. I guess I don't have to ignore them.. I just couldn't like them..

"Uh hey."

"I'm Louis!! But you can call me Lou."

"Sure." Louis didn't seem that bad. At least he wasn't flirting.. Maybe we would become friends.. Maybe.

Me and Louis kept talking until the bell rang for us to go to first block. He was actually really nice. He always cracks jokes and has a hilarious bromance with Harry. I couldn't wait to talk to him again. We would probably become good friends, nothing more of course. According to him Harry had "claimed me." Whatever that means.

I started walking out of the class room. Then I remembered that I had to lead Harry around.

I ran up to him and explained what had happened. Then I continued on and said that all he had to do was follow me and that way neither of us had to talk to each other.

"But what if I want to talk to you?" Harry asked.

"Well too bad. I don't want to talk." Ya maybe I was being a bit harsh, but this guy just wouldn't stop with all the winks and the cheeky grins. He needed to get that I would never like him. Ever.

We got to first block pretty quickly since it was only down the hallway. We had social studies.

I immediately sat down in the back row in a seat that had me name on the desk. I looked over at Harry who was looking up expectantly at me.

"What? This desk is mine. We have assigned seats. So just look for the desk with your name on it!"

He walked away to find his seat. I looked at the desks next to me to see who I had to sit next to for the semester.

The seats were labeled "Liam" on my right, and "Matt" on my left. Matt and I were good friends so that wasn't too bad. I didn't know a Liam though. Hopefully he wouldn't be that bad.

Suddenly the one of Harry's friends walked into the classroom with another kid who was supposed to be showing him around, but was busy talking to some girls.

I couldn't remember his name. He started looking around for his seat and ended up sitting on my right. So this was Liam. He looked up at me and said,

"Hello I'm Liam. I'm one of Harry's mates."

"Oh hi, I'm Adalia." We started talking and really hit it off. He was sweet and a very good listener. But he didn't act like boyfriend material. That was definitely a plus.

The teacher walked in and the class started. I wasn't really paying attention. I was thinking about Louis and Liam. Maybe this year wasn't going to be that bad. Maybe Harry was the problem, and I didn't have to ignore all of the guys. Well hopefully..

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