Never Love

Adalia will do almost anything to keep from falling in love. She ignores all the boys in her grade and will only talk to the girls just to make sure that no one ever likes her, but when five boys transfer to her school her whole world will be turned upside down.


5. Just Friends

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. I walked with Harry to classes making minimal conversation while he tried to get a reaction out of me.

I was getting a bit tired of all the winking and grinning and the attempts to hold my hand. It just wasn't going to happen, what didn't he get about that?

I was happy that school was over. I had plans with Alannah and Ashley that night. We were going to have a sleepover!

I walked down the sidewalk with Ashley and Alannah to Ashley's car, since we were going to her house. My mom had already dropped off all my stuff while I was at school so I had everything I needed.

We all ran into her house and downstairs into the basement. Ashley and Alannah both immediately started giggling when my phone started buzzing. I gave them a weird look and answered my phone.


I was surprised when a certain boy with a husky voice and adorable accent replied.

"Hello love! Your wonderful mates gave me your number. Me and the lads are on our way over. Can't wait to see you!" He hung up and I started freaking out.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!" Ashley looked at me and said,

"You obviously love Harry and the other boys aren't too bad on the looks themselves so we decided to invite them over!"

"They're staying the night," Alannah added with a grin.

"I do not like Harry!! If anything we are friends. Not even friends!" I screamed at them.

"Oh c'mon," Ashley said, "he obviously likes you. Have you seen the way he looks at you?!" I rolled my eyes at her.

Me and Harry were just friends. I probably wouldn't even call us that. There was no way that I liked him. That just didn't happen. I don't like people. I didn't want to. But I couldn't help but being a bit excited when he answered the phone..

No stop that Adalia, you don't like him. He annoys you, remember? But I was allowed to be excited about tonight. I mean, me Louis and Liam are good friends. And it's ok to see friends. Right?

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