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Hey guys izzy here well this is a horror story but I promise it will have the boys in it 10&up please <3 IzzyBHoran follow


3. valentines day

Liam's pov :

Izzy was mad at us or something me and her were painting our room when she said "liam" I said "yea?" "Well why do you like me?" She sounded sad "I don't like you I love you" I sad "why?" She said still sad "because" I said we sat down on the bed "why? I'm not even worth it or pretty or nice so why do you love me or care about me?" She said looking down I lifted her chin up "don't ever say that you are beautiful not just pretty and you are defiantly worth it and I have to care about you you are the best thing that's ever happened to me I love you so much" she looked into my eyes and I kissed her and she kissed back we went back to the room got it finished and went downstairs "hey you two lovebirds" harry said "well today is valentines day and we all got you gifts" I said louis came in and had all the presents along with niall "you guys didn't have to get us anything" izzy and bri and me said "well we wanted to" louis said

Izzys pov : I opened my presemt first from louis he was my guy BFF forever it was a shirt it said the sass queen I said "you know me so well" they all laughed next was zayns oh no he got me I've cream and pads . "Omigod zayn" he laughed everybody said "can I see it?" I said "only girls can" the girls shouted "yay" and I showed them " izzy I didn't know you were on. I covered her mouth "I'm not" I whispered next was harry he got me my fav perfume "thank you thank you thank you" I hugged him next was niall he got me "BATMAN" batman pjs , shirt , and a coffee mug "thank you niall soooooooooooo much" I kissed him on the cheek then last was liam he got me a infinity necklace and a promise ring it had my birthstone (aquamarine) and it said forever I kissed him "you get the other part of your present later" liam said the boys said "oooooooooooooo" I said "SHUT DA HECK UP"

Bri's pov :

Well I got superman stuff and pads and ice cream and a lot of other stuff . I was going to hang with louis and liam and izzy today .

Crystals pov :

OMG I can't BELIVE Elizabeth she gets all the special treatment around here and so does bri the only people that understand me are niall and Tia I need to get rid of Elizabeth out of this house she needs to be gone

Tia's pov :

Awwwww izzy is so sweet she got me my fav thing in the whole world SHOES I think crystal is pissed off at her I will text her later.

Ems pov :

Izzy and liam make such a cute couple but me and zayn make a cuter one . Crystal is jealous of izzy again ugh. Can't we just live a drama free live well I guess not

Sorry it was a short chapter

Who thinks they know what crystal is going to do ? And if you want to be in the story ask I will see if you can <3 izzy and bri

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