Is that you ?

Hey guys izzy here well this is a horror story but I promise it will have the boys in it 10&up please <3 IzzyBHoran follow


4. the dreams

Ems pov :

I started having these dreams there was a door and a figure every night I could see the figure closer it looked like ........... LIAM! Oh no I thought I had to tell izzy I will tell her after I get dressed .

Izzys pov : I wanted to explore the house today see the 10th floor . My job is you were wondering is a paranormal specialist yes I help with exorcisms and possessions of people and stuff is I got ready and em came in and she had a worried look on her face I said "what's wrong em?" She said "we need to talk now with liam" uh-oh I thought "okay?" I got him and we sat down zayn was there too "so what's up?" Liam said "I need to tell you guys something"


"Well here it goes I've been having these dreams and it has a door and a figure every day it comes closer and it's looks exactly like liam"

"Ok so how Many days have you been having these dreams?"

"Well for about since we moved here"

"Okay well come on we are going to explore the house okay?"

"Okay" they said

"Alright lasts go but we need somebody else bri and loubear"


We got them told them and got dressed in appropriate clothing

We went up to the tenth floor and saw a door I could feel something not right


"Yea babe"

"Something doesn't feel right"

"Bri hand me the heat camera"

"Okay here" bri said

I looked in it and saw a face it looked like liam but older and it was looking at me and was standing by the door I took the picture and said to the ghost or spirit

"Hello who are you?"

"Please show me that you are still here"

Nothing happened

Well I went downstairs to our room and I hooked up my camera to my laptop. OMG I saw................

What do you think she saw and I'm gonna stop writing if no one likes it :( well see ya - izzy and bri

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