Is that you ?

Hey guys izzy here well this is a horror story but I promise it will have the boys in it 10&up please <3 IzzyBHoran follow


1. characters

Elizabeth snow :

I'm Elizabeth snow but I go by izzy I have brown hair and my bangs are red . I have contacts and by boyfriend is liam payne my best friends are Bri magic and em white

Brianna magic :

I'm Brianna magic but I go by bri I have black hair and contacts my best friend that Is technically my sister is izzy snow and em white and I'm dating louis tomlinson

Crystal magic :

I'm crystal magic my twin is Bri magic and I dyed by hair btw my hair is pink pastel and I don't have contacts and my best friend is Tia Amber and I'm dating niall Horan and I get kinda jealous of Elizabeth snow my technical sister

Tia Amber :

Hi I'm Tia Amber I have brown hair and amber highlights and my BFF is crystal magic I'm dating harry styles

Emma white :

I'm Emma white but I go by em my best friends are bri magic and izzy snow I have blonde hair and my boyfriend is zayn malik

Zayn malik :

You know me. ( but guys they are not famous everything else same they are all rich)

Liam payne :

Know me

Niall Horan :

Know me

Harry styles :

Know me

Louis tomlinson :


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