Is that you ?

Hey guys izzy here well this is a horror story but I promise it will have the boys in it 10&up please <3 IzzyBHoran follow


5. alone at last

Izzys pov :

I saw liam on the screen I probably got him my mistake oh well ....... Everybody left so it was just me and liam good I needed it like that.

Liam's pov :

Alone at last well it's now or never


"Yea what's up liampie?"

I got down on one knee got out and box and said "we've known each other since birth and I couldn't imagine life without you I love you more than you could ever imagine Elizabeth Nicole snow will you marry me?"

I think she was in shock she was crying and smiling she finally said

"Of course I will"

She said yes I'm so happy we kissed for like 5 minutes until we heard a door open we broke apart


"Yea izzybug"

"Who is that?"

"Let's go find out"

We went to go see and no one was there but the door to the tenth floor was open and we saw ..............

I got a cliffhanger but sorry . Anyways tell me more ideas in the comment section please and follow IzzyBHoran

Love ,

The sass masta

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