Falling For Two

Meg Fallowes is back, with a baby! Her and Joe have just moved into their new house and were planning their wedding. All in all life is good, but what will happen when Meg's ex Jack comes back into her life once more? Find out in the sequel to my popular story, Falling For You.


13. Wedding Wows

It was time for Meg to face the music. Time to jump in her classic car to transport her to the church where her and Joe were tying the knot. Her dad was bringing her out of the house, the bridesmaids and flower girls following to jump into the car he had rented for her big day. "You look gorgeous, Meg." John Fallowes said. "Thanks dad, I've gotta say your looking pretty dapper yourself." Meg said. "Oh Sofia, you look lovely to " John said to his granddaughter. "Thanks dad." Meg said looking at her daughter in her little dress sat with Darcy and Hannah. "Ready to go?" The driver asked. "Yea, drive." John said. 20 minutes later they were at the church and were preparing to walk down the aisle, this was when Meg came worried. "Come on Meg, this is gonna be an amazing day and you know it. You look lovely and my brothers lucky to have you." Zoe said, giving her a big and smiling at her. "Thanks Zo, I'm happy to be joining your family." Meg said, a tear coming to her eye.". "You look lovely, Meg. Today's going to be amazing." Louise and Tanya said. "Its time Meg." Her dad said, the bridesmaids walking down the aisle behind Darcy and Hannah who were walking and Sofia who was being carried by Karen. She could see Tracey and Graham smiling at her, her family doing the same and Joe's family as well. And at the end was Joe, smiling at her. She got to the end of the aisle and tears began streaming down her face. "You look amazing, Meg." Joe said. "Look after her son." John said, placing his daughters hand into Joe's."Don't you worry about that." He said, smiling at John. The vicar then began the service.... "Do you Joseph Sugg take Megan Louise Fallowes to be your wife." "I do." He said, smiling. "And do you, Megan Louise Fallowes take Joseph Sugg to be your husband.". "I do." She said..... "I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." The vicar said, Joe and Meg kissing and opening the doors to their married life. She had done it, Meg was no longer boroing old Megan Louise Fallowes, she was Megan Louise Sugg, wife to Joe and mother to Sofia. They were now at the reception and Meg was preparing to give Joe some surprising news that only Zoe, Louise and Tanya, and probably Alfie, Jim and Louise's husband, Matt, knew about. "Joe, I've got something to tell you." Meg said. "What is it?" Joe asked. "I'm pregnant." 

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