Falling For Two

Meg Fallowes is back, with a baby! Her and Joe have just moved into their new house and were planning their wedding. All in all life is good, but what will happen when Meg's ex Jack comes back into her life once more? Find out in the sequel to my popular story, Falling For You.


9. The morning after the party before

"Meg are you awake?" Zoe asked grumbling. "I am now, my head is pounding" Meg said. "Do you have any head ache pills?" She asked. "In the kitchen I do, I'll go and get them and make some coffee" Zoe said, crawling out of bed to the kitchen of her flat. It was the day after Meg's hen do and everyone had gone to their hotels except Meg who was staying with Zoe. "Here you go" She said, handing Meg a mug and 2 headache tablets. "Thanks Zo, so how do you know that Jack guy?" Meg asked, drinking some coffee to wash her tablet down with. "Oh, Jack. He's just a good friend, I may have gone on a few dates with him cos he lived down at home before I got with Alfie obviously but yeah" Zoe explained. "He's also a very good mate of Joes so I'm surprised he wasn't at Joe's stag do". " Joes never mentioned him, just once before the engagement do" Meg said. "Well he's not that big of a deal, he wouldn't have been the greatest boyfriend. Anyway, what do you want to do today?" Zoe asked. "I don't mind, you fancy going into Brighton for brunch?" Meg said. "Good idea, let's get ready then, there's food calling my name!" Zoe laughed. 

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